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Grounded in the Living Word
The Old Testament and Pastoral Care Practices
POD; Published: 9/23/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6368-3
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290 Pages
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Grounded in the Living Word addresses the disconnect between pastoral care and biblical interpretation in a unique -- and much-needed -- manner. In this cross-disciplinary conversation Denise Hopkins and Michael Koppel show how the themes and narratives of the Old Testament can effectively speak to and interact with the real-life stories of people today.

Writing in a frank, open style, Hopkins and Koppel have created a richly complex book covering a wide range of pastoral care issues and biblical texts and informed by current scholarship as well as practical pastoral and cultural insights. Through their nuanced approach, the Bible reemerges as a powerful tool for spiritual care, helping pastors and others bridge cultural divides, navigate widely different experiences, and engage in the transformative work of healing persons, communities, and creation.

Each chapter includes personal stories that draw readers into the issues, challenges, and questions to be raised in the following pages; questions for reflection and group exercises dispersed throughout; take-away points that give practical suggestions; and a closing prayer to help anchor the reader in the community of faith.

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Edward P. Wimberly
from the foreword
"This groundbreaking book seeks to have pastoral theologians and pastoral care specialists be more open to multiple interpretations of the Bible that come from different social locations and cultures. In addition, the authors address the need to view the Hebrew Bible in light of grace and law within the frame of covenantal care. . . Their point is that God's grace preceded the giving of the law, and that law and grace function together to center persons and communities around common values, principles, and virtues that reflect the God of the Bible. Thus, grace and law form the boundaries and parameters for the relational growth of all persons in community."
Walter Brueggemann
from the foreword
"The grounding of pastoral theology in the holiness of God and the re-reading of Scripture in an interactive way have together resulted in a book that will have wide pastoral appeal. The authors move back and forth between personal narratives (including their own) to the deep claims of Scripture. They offer practical guidance for participation in such dynamic interaction, though their offer is much richer than any how-to manual. I suspect that this book will be taken up with eagerness in much church practice and in theological education. The book invites a fresh perspective on 'faith and life' that has enormous implications for church practice. . . I am glad to commend this book and offer my thanks to these authors who have read widely, thought deeply, and risked honestly in exploring the wondrous mystery of human connectedness with its hurts and hopes."