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Drawn to Freedom
Christian Faith Today in Conversation with the Heidelberg Catechism
PAPERBACK; Published: 6/28/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6378-2
384 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6x9
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Coming from one of the preeminent Reformed theologians in the world today, Drawn to Freedom masterfully "converses" with the Heidelberg Catechism, showing how that classic 1563 church confession still speaks with powerful relevance to twenty-first-century Christians. Eberhard Busch interacts with various theologians, philosophers, musicians, and scientists as he explores true freedom in relation to God, life-and-death comfort for believers, pertinent personal concerns and social issues, and rich gospel insights into the Christian life.
Richard Burnett
— Erskine Theological Seminary
"Karl Barth's hope that a 'theology of freedom' would emerge in America has not yet been realized, but Barth's last secretary and foremost interpreter, Eberhard Busch, points the way in Drawn to Freedom. Who would have thought that the Heidelberg Catechism has so much to say to us today about freedom and so much more? Busch is one of the most important contemporary voices in Reformed theology. He draws deep from the well of the Reformed tradition and, with penetrating analysis, engages in one of the most instructive, illuminating, and lively theological conversations of our day."
Scott Hoezee
— Calvin Theological Seminary
"Eberhard Busch writes lyrically about human freedom in relationship to God. But along the way it is the Heidelberg Catechism itself that gets liberated. Busch has freed the Catechism from its reputation of being outdated and fusty by showing the vibrant relevance of the Reformed tradition's premier confession in answering questions people are still asking. The genius of the Catechism shines in this new book as we celebrate again the glorious gospel fact that God is always for us and with us, drawing us to the true freedom of belonging, which really is our only comfort in life and in death."
Walter Brueggemann, Christian Century
" . . . a bold, compelling portrayal of an alternative existence in the world that in every dimension challenges common assumptions of modern autonomy. . . I have no doubt that in a time near to come, the church will be challenged to recover its nerve, and Busch's work will be a critical resource for rethinking and redeciding."
"Pastors will find this book very useful as they prepare to teach the Catechism to their congregations, and it will invite them to bring their own faith into conversation with classic Reformed theology."
Theological Book Review
"A significant contribution to the field of reformed theology, systematic theology and ethics."