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In Search of Self
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Personhood
POD; Published: 4/29/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6386-7
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399 Pages
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Editors J. Wentzel van Huyssteen and Erik P. Wiebe present a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary discussion on "the problem of self" -- the elusive nature of the human self and all its complex dimensions. With contributions from experts in philosophy, archaeology, primatology, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science of religion, and more, this book explores concepts of imagination, self-awareness, consciousness, religiosity, and personhood. < b r >
  • Justin Barrett
  • Eric Bergemann
  • João Biehl
  • Emma Cohen
  • Pamela Cooper-White
  • Terrence W. Deacon
  • Deanie Eichenstein
  • James W. Haag
  • Jan-Olav Henriksen
  • Ian Hodder
  • Catherine Keller
  • Barbara J. King
  • Jay Ogilvy
  • Philip A. Rolnick
  • Helene Tallon Russell
  • Calvin O. Schrag
  • Roger Scruton
  • Maxine Sheets-Johnstone
  • Daniel J. Siegel
  • Ellen Streit
  • Marjorie Hewitt Suchoki
  • Ian Tattersall
  • Jennifer Thweatt-Bates
  • Léon Turner
  • J. Wentzel van Huyssteen
  • Erik P. Wiebe
  • Hetty Zock
David Fergusson
— University of Edinburgh
"The editors have compiled an exciting multidisciplinary series of essays on key issues relating to human personhood. A striking collection on a major topic, this will provide scholars today with coverage of important insights, perspectives, and approaches from fields beyond their own areas of immediate expertise."
Christian Smith
— University of Notre Dame
"An intriguing collection of essays on an immensely important question about human personhood, our answers to which will have profound consequences for the future of humanity."
Christopher Southgate
— University of Cambridge
"Always stimulating, often radical, sometimes abrasive, this rich collection of essays provides a snapshot of a fascinating moment in the interdisciplinary conversation on the human self. I look forward very much to using it both for my own research and for my teaching at master's level."
David A. Hogue
— Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
"In Search of Self is a treasure of current cutting-edge thought about what it means to be a person. The volume's extensive scope, its rigorous scholarship, and its authors' range of disciplines position it as perhaps the best collection available today on this increasingly critical topic. Readers will find their own thoughts on the matter confirmed, questioned, provoked, and above all enriched by their encounters with this new text."