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India and the Indianness of Christianity
Essays on Understanding - Historical, Theological, and Bibliographical - in Honor of Robert Eric Frykenberg
PAPERBACK; Published: 10/1/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6392-8
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295 Pages
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Series: Studies in the History of Christian Missions (SHCM)

Honoring historian Robert Eric Frykenberg -- arguably the historian most responsible for promoting studies of intercultural and interreligious interactions in the South Asian context -- the essays in this collection avoid the pitfall of Eurocentric, top-down historiographies and instead adopt and adapt Frykenberg's own Indocentric, bottom-up approach, thus accentuating indigenous agency in the emergence of Christianity as an Indian religion.

The book features first-time case studies on Christianity in a variety of unusual Indian settings, including tribal societies, and offers original contributions to an understanding of how Indian Christianity was perceived in the post-Independence period by India's governing elite. Several essayists draw heavily on rare archival documentation in the United Kingdom, Germany, and India. The wealth of material and the perspectives gathered here constitute a remarkable volume -- a credit to the historian who inspired it.

Peter B. Andersen
Michael Bergunder
Judith M. Brown
John B. Carman
Gunnel Cederlof
Daniel Jeyaraj
Chandra Mallampalli
Geoffrey A. Oddie
Avril A. Powell
Rosemary Seton
Wilbert R. Shenk
Martha Lund Smalley
Brian Stanley
Richard Fox Young