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Engaging Economics
New Testament Scenarios and Early Christian Reception

POD; Published: 10/23/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6414-7
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344 Pages
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Engaging Economics exposes economic dimensions of the theology of the early Jesus movement, as reflected both in the texts of the New Testament and in the reception of those texts within the patristic era. Under these two considerations, the contributions demonstrate that an economic dimension was an integral component of this early movement and indicate how, in later centuries, that economic dimension was either further developed or ignored altogether.


  • Stephen C. Barton
  • Dr. Brian J. Capper
  • David J. Downs
  • Christopher M. Hays
  • David G. Horrell
  • Mariam Kamell
  • Robert A. Kitchen
  • John S. Kloppenborg
  • Aaron J. Kuecker
  • Kelly D. Liebengood
  • Bruce W. Longenecker
  • Grant Macaskill
  • Peter Oakes
  • David E. Wilhite
Ben Witherington III
—Asbury Theological Seminary
"Finally! A book that addresses the economic issues raised in and by the New Testament, without denuding the text of its theological and ethical focus and content. Engaging Economics is engagingly written and presents us with a word in due season that we should hear and heed. Stop twittering and read this book!"