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Ordering Love
Liberal Societies and the Memory of God
POD; Published: 10/26/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6430-7
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469 Pages
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Metaphysical study of God, love, technology, and culture in modern society

Reality most basically and properly considered, says David Schindler, is an order of love -- a gift that finds its objective only in an entire way of life. In Ordering Love Schindler explores, in light of this understanding of reality, how modern culture marginalizes love, regarding it at best as a matter of piety or goodwill rather than as the very stuff that makes our lives and the things of the world real. Schindler examines how Western civilization's fixation with technology -- especially its displacement of experience with experiment and its privileging of knowing and making -- has undermined its capacity to build an authentic human culture. He shows, within the context of politics, economics, science, and cultural and professional life generally, that God-centered love is what gives things their deepest and most proper order and meaning, always and everywhere.

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Living Church
"Theologically intense and ethico-culturally far-reaching."
Catholic Book Review
"The book has a dense philosophical style that bears much fruit upon careful reading."