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Religious Ideas for Secular Universities
POD; Published: 11/10/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6442-0
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Thought-provoking reflections on how religion is crucial to the secular university

During the last century American students and scholars have found it increasingly difficult to discuss the relation of religion to the mission of self-consciously secular colleges and universities. Respected scholar C. John Sommerville here offers thought-provoking reflections on this subject in a conversational style.

Sommerville explores the crisis of the secular university, argues that religions and secular universities need each other, and examines how Christianity shows up on both sides of our "culture wars." The astute reflections in Religious Ideas for Secular Universities point the way to a dialogue that would do justice both to religious insights and to the neutrality that is the goal of secular education.
David Lyle Jeffrey
— Baylor University
'John Sommerville is one of our most prolific historians of education, and certainly one of the most probative critics of the contemporary university. This book is a rich and lucid summary of his thought, offering proposals for constructive correction on a range of pressing issues. Sommerville's perspective is richly informed and thoughtfully measured; his counsels of wisdom are to the point of our most urgent current challenges. No friend of the American university should fail to read this book."