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Lex Charitatis
A Juristic Disquisition on Law in the Theology of Martin Luther
PAPERBACK; Published: 4/8/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6445-1
Price: $ 39.99
590 Pages
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Series: Emory University Studies in Law and Religion (EUSLR)

This substantial work by one of Europe's most respected twentieth-century legal minds unpacks Luther's doctrine of law, showing how it derived from his central theological concern, justification by faith.

"When Johannes Heckel's Lex Charitatis appeared more than half a century ago, it brought new clarity to the much-disputed issue of Luther's understanding of the law and of God's governance of his created order. The Wittenberg reformer's use of the language of 'two kingdoms' and 'two governances' is still fiercely debated; having Heckel's work in English will assist scholars and students alike in putting Luther's insights to use in the context of twenty-first-century problems."
-- Robert Kolb, Concordia Seminary
John Witte Jr.
— Emory University
"This classic title by Johannes Heckel has long been an effective bridge-builder among German Lutheran theologians, jurists, and historians. Drawing on an impressive command of the original sources, Heckel shows how Martin Luther transformed our understanding of Gospel and Law, faith and works, church and state. Luther moved from the early iconoclast who scorned the jurists and burned the canon laws to a mature reformer who reformed the law and built an impressive political theology. Gottfried Krodel has captured the full power and prescience of this masterwork of Lutheran scholarship."
Jay Conison
— Valparaiso University
"This translation of Lex Charitatis makes available to the English-speaking world an essential study of Luther's doctrine of law. The German editions of the book had a major impact on Luther scholarship, and Gottfried Krodel's translation will greatly expand the reach and influence of this great work."