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Word Made Global
Stories of African Christianity in New York City
POD; Published: 7/22/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6448-2
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362 Pages
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One of the International Bulleton of Missionary Research's Fifteen Outstanding Books of 2011 -- Mission Studies

A groundbreaking work of ethnography, urban studies, and theology, Mark Gornik's Word Made Global explores the recent development of African Christianity in New York City. Drawing especially on ten years of intensive research into three very different African immigrant churches, Gornik sheds light on the pastoral, spiritual, and missional dynamics of this exciting global, transnational Christian movement.

Read a blog post by Gornik about the book on EerdWord.
Christianity Today Book Awards winner in Missions/Global Affairs (2012)
Afe Adogame
— University of Edinburgh
"This unique and illuminating study, based on extensive religious ethnography, is indeed a vital contribution to our understanding of the dynamics, mission, and vitality of new African Christianity in New York City. It will be a significant reference point for future research in a relatively nascent field. . . A must-read!"
Manuel A. Vasquez
— University of Florida
"An ethnographically rich and theoretically astute account of the diversity, creativity, and vibrancy of African Christianities in New York. Beyond the vivid and compelling exploration of local congregations and practices, Gornik paints an insightful and prescient portrait of the emerging face of Christianity as it enters its third millennium. This Christianity operates simultaneously at the grass roots, addressing the embodied needs and desires of those at the margins of society, and at a global level, traveling with and through transnational immigrants and hypermodern electronic media."
Dana L. Robert
— Boston University School of Theology
"By focusing on African immigrant churches in New York City, Gornik illumines the distinctive features of Christianity today: transnational, urban, embodied, and missionary. This exciting study both builds upon the most recent scholarship and moves our knowledge of world Christianity forward."
Timothy Keller
— Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City
"Mark Gornik's fascinating, in-depth look at African Christianity in New York City should be read by anyone concerned to understand the future of the new, global Christianity, and especially by those doing urban ministry. . . This is the kind of analysis sorely needed today."
"I highly recommend this well-researched and interesting book! It has encouraged me to more deeply explore the stories of and nurture relationships with the emerging immigrant churches in my own community."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"Reading this book is like sitting at the feet of an elder who is telling marvelous stories. As you listen, you absorb more than factual information and theological insights. You absorb a perspective; a sense; a feel. You learn by osmosis as you read this book."
Anglican and Episcopal History
"An engaging read; the descriptive passages are lively and evocative, and the theoretical analysis is solid. . . . Accessibly written and thought-provoking."