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Systematic Theology, Volume 3
POD; Published: 3/3/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6456-7
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729 Pages
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Translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley

Wolfhart Pannenberg is widely regarded as one of the foremost Christian thinkers of this century. The publication of this book, the third and final volume of his masterful Systematic Theology, brings to completion the English translation of his magnum opus.

In Volume 3 Pannenberg completes his theological project with the exposition of the Christian doctrines of the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and the eschatological hope. At the heart of this volume lies the theme of the church; it not only comprises the largest chapter but is intimately related to each of the other doctrines--to the Spirit as an eschatological gift and to individual salvation as a sign of its future consummation. Throughout this work Pannenberg brings to bear the vast historical and exegetical knowledge and keen philosophical argumentation for which he is well known.

Christianity Today, Runner-up Critics Choice for
Modern Theology
"With the completion of Pannenberg's Systematic Theology, we may now celebrate the brightness of a theological vision that is so erudite, so biblically and historically informed, and so ecumenically far-reaching and inclusive that it should serve as a spotlight of intellectual discernment for those who wish to embark upon an honest investigation of the truth of God."
"This volume completes Wolfhart Pannenberg's magnum opus and is the culmination of this renowned theologian's literary output. It is by any standards a crowning achievement in systematic theology and confirms the author's position in the forefront of the world's theological thinkers in the final part of this century. Here is a systematic exposition of the faith of the church unparalleled in recent decades in comprehensiveness and depth. As one has come to expect of Pannenberg's work, this volume is magisterial in its command of exegetical, historical and philosophical detail and its engagement with a wide range of authors of all periods. . . This is a book the like of which is not often seen. It is erudite, complex and an enormously valuable resource for theologians. . . It is, together with its preceding two volumes, a work especially useful to theological teachers, serious theologians and senior students of theology who are prepared to wrestle with difficult ideas. . . Theologians from every church tradition are greatly in Pannenberg's debt by the completion of this final volume of his work."
Princeton Seminary Bulletin
"The long-awaited third volume of Pannenberg's Systematic Theology represents the consummation of a lifetime of indwelling the Christian tradition and rigorous reflection on its internal coherence and explanatory power. The book represents not only the continued development of themes in the first two volumes, but also the summary and refinement of material presented by Pannenberg in various works of philosophical theology over the last half-century. . . Because his magnum opus engages the whole tradition as well as his contemporaries, understanding Pannenberg provides a perspective on the shape of theology at the turn of the third millennium. While reading these volumes requires extensive mental energy, the rewards are well worth the effort. As theology continues to face new challenges in presenting its truth claims in a postmodern culture, these volumes will offer a wealth of insight and guidance for the task."
Southwestern Journal of Theology
"Should be read by every teacher of systematic theology and by anyone interested in contemporary theology at its 'constructive' best."
Theological Studies
"Scholars and students should be grateful for an English edition of the culminating work of such a significant theologian."
Christianity Today
"In this third volume of his much-acclaimed Systematic Theology, Wolfhart Pannenberg gives an in-depth treatment of the doctrines of the church, the sacraments, and the kingdom of God. . . Throughout this work Pannenberg engages in dialogue with Roman Catholicism and tries to build bridges wherever he can. . . Its publication in English translation is particularly timely, given the ecumenical dialogue that is now going on in evangelical circles as well as in the mainline churches."
"One can feel only admiration for this mighty work, and for the scholarship and thinking that lie behind it . . . Already on its way to becoming a theological classic of this century."