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Fred Meijer
Stories of His Life
POD; Published: 3/9/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6460-4
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363 Pages
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Retailing pioneer Fred Meijer comes alive in the pages of this intimate biography, told in part by the people in Fred's life -- from store cashiers to American presidents. Astute businessman, visionary arts patron, homespun philosopher -- Fred is a man of many parts. His story weaves a chronicle of how to succeed in business, how to shape one's life, how to leave the world a better place, and how to have fun along the way.

"Fred, in his unpretentious way, has always been a leader. . . . He is able, he is dedicated, and he's fun."
-- Gerald R. Ford

"I have always admired Fred Meijer as the great visionary who first recognized the potential of the supercenter in the United States. As we developed our Wal-Mart model, we learned a great deal by watching what he did."
-- Don Soderquist
former Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Wal-Mart

"Fred Meijer's life story is a supersize grocery cart, full to the brim with values that we should live by -- honesty, fairness, and respect for others."
-- Mike Lloyd
Grand Rapids Press

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