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Walking Where Jesus Walked
Worship in Fourth-Century Jerusalem
POD; Published: 11/5/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6476-5
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172 Pages
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Series: The Church at Worship (CAW)

The Church at Worship is a series of documentary case studies of specific worshiping communities from around the world and throughout Christian history. This inaugural volume, Walking Where Jesus Walked, uses vivid descriptions of Jerusalem, its history, its people, and its worship practices to set the stage for a rich selection of primary church documents, presenting readers with a vibrant snapshot of the church at Jerusalem in the fourth century.

Some of the primary materials included here:
  • Select art, artifacts, and architectural drawings
  • Egeria's Diary: A Pilgrim's Observations of Jerusalem at Worship
  • The lectionary and communion prayer likely used in Jerusalem
  • The Liturgy of St. James, historically associated with Jerusalem
  • Excerpts from the sermons of Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem

Read more about the book in a blog post by Lester Ruth and Carrie Steenwyk on EerdWord.
Martha Ann Kirk
— University of the Incarnate Word
"Readers will see, hear, and feel the enthusiasm and faith of worshipers sixteen hundred years ago. . . A wonderfully rich, fascinating, and inspiring book!"
Brian T. Hartley
— Greenville College
"A marvelous window for helping students understand through the eyes of a pilgrim what the contours of the faith looked like as Christianity moved from persecuted sect to imperial religion. With its panoply of resources, this book will be eminently useful."
Constance M. Cherry
— Indiana Wesleyan University
"An impressive collection of materials providing readers with a multidimensional view of fourth-century worship in Jerusalem. . . I can't wait to use Walking Where Jesus Walked in the classroom and in the church."
Bryan D. Spinks
— Yale Divinity School and Yale Institute of Sacred Music
"The catechetical lectures of Cyril and the journal of Egeria allow a rare textual window into worship in Jerusalem at the end of the fourth century. Lester Ruth breathes a creative spirit into these texts and makes them come alive. This will be an important textbook for divinity students and an excellent example to liturgy scholars of how to present the past in a vital manner."
Justo L. González
— Columbia Theological Seminary
"Ancient liturgy comes to life in this truly reader-friendly yet scholarly book — a valuable addition to the growing number of resources that should greatly enrich Christian worship in years to come. With this as a first sample, I eagerly await the rest of the series."