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The Gospel of Matthew
A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary
Craig S. Keener
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PAPERBACK; Published: 7/24/2009
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6498-7
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1090 Pages
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This excellent commentary on Matthew offers a unique interpretive approach that focuses on the socio-historical context of the Gospel and the nature of Matthew’s exhortation to his first-century Christian audience. By merging a careful study of Matthew’s Gospel in relation to the social context of the ancient Mediterranean world with a detailed look at what we know of first-century Jewish-Christian relations, Craig Keener uncovers significant insights into the Gospel not found in any other Matthew commentary. 

In addition, Keener’s commentary is a useful discipleship manual for the church. His unique approach recaptures the full “shock effect” of Jesus’ teachings in their original context and allows Matthew to make his point with greater narrative artistry. Keener also brings home the total impact of Matthew’s message, including its clear portrait of Jesus and its call for discipleship, both to the Gospel’s ancient readers and to believers today.

I. Howard Marshall
— University of Aberdeen
“Quite a feat! Students of Matthew wanting a major, single-volume treatment will undoubtedly be attracted to this fine, scholarly work.”

Ben Witherington III
— Asbury Theological Seminary
“Keener’s work is always characterized by clarity, careful research, and penetrating insights into the text, especially in regard to the light the social and cultural setting sheds on the text. . . . I can think of no commentary I would rather recommend to pastors, teachers, students, and laypersons if they are looking for fresh light on the First Gospel.”
D. Moody Smith
— Duke Divinity School
“Keener’s substantive and impressive commentary on Matthew bears eloquent testimony to his mastery of the disciplines of New Testament study, particularly Matthean exegesis.”

David Instone-Brewer
— University of Cambridge
“Craig Keener’s academic commentaries are among the most important in print, because they not only summarize former scholarship but add so many new insights from primary literature of the time.”

“This commentary is invaluable in its thorough discussion of social and historical background for virtually every sentence of the Gospel. The citations of both primary and secondary sources are encyclopedic…. Keener’s commentary sets a new standard in providing comprehensive and helpful background information.”

— Themelios
“Keener has produced a distinctive and valuable and insightful commentary. With its abundant references to ancient literature and secondary literature, it can only be described as a remarkable tour de force. Solidly evangelical, deeply thoughtful, always informed and eminently practical, this is a commentary that will faithfully lead readers to the heart of Matthew.”
— CBA Marketplace
“A thorough commentary. Keener meticulously works his way through the Gospel dealing with important themes that emerge along the way. In the process, he provides a wealth of insight into life in Jesus' day and what Matthew's Gospel meant to the earliest readers.... Biblical scholars and well-schooled pastors will find it a valuable addition to their library.”