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God Is Subversive
Talking Peace in a Time of Empire
PAPERBACK; Published: 4/12/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6502-1
179 Pages
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Blessed are the peacemakers . . .

To Lee Griffith, being a peacemaker means much more than voting for left-leaning candidates or jet-setting to peace rallies. Peacemaking is for him a daily practice of community formation, lifestyle decisions, and prayer -- ordinary living that is faithful to the gospel and happily out of sync with most of the world most of the time -- and it is a vital part of following Jesus Christ.

In this engaging collection of lectures, a sermon, and informal talks, Griffith -- a veteran anti-war activist who has himself been arrested many times for his pro-peace demonstrations -- sets forth a solidly biblical but decidedly unorthodox argument for extreme and uncompromising nonviolence. Along the way, he describes encounters with dumpster divers and prostitutes, bag ladies and judges, people who hear voices and see ghosts -- and, above all, with the subversive God of the gospel.

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Will Campbell
— author of Brother to a Dragonfly
"Lee Griffith named his book God Is Subversive and then proved it."
Rosemary Radford Ruether
— author of Christianity and Social Systems and Many Forms of Madness
"For Lee Griffith, God is angry. God is angry at injustice — not just individual but systemic injustice. To follow God is to follow God out of every imperial system and to create a community of compassion that is inclusive. To read Griffith is to be convicted of this biblical vision of God."
John Dear
— author of Put Down Your Sword: Answering the Gospel Call to Creative Nonviolence
"Of what use is God? By asking such questions, Lee Griffith subverts our own imperial mindset and gently leads us back to the nonviolence of Jesus. These insightful reflections not only make peace; they give me hope."
Michael G. Long
— Elizabethtown College
"Lee Griffith is a prophet among prophets, and his new book is the most brilliant reflection on Christianity and nonviolence to appear in the twenty-first century. . . Griffith offers both a scorching critique of the virtues and practices of the so-called American Empire and a prayerful plea that disciples of Jesus will at last begin to conspire with the Spirit of God in a way that subverts violence, economic injustice, and divisions among humanity. But what sets this book apart from other anti-empire books is that it commends nothing less than Christian anarchy — a biblical vision long ignored or flatly dismissed by even progressive Christians. In this sense, God Is Subversive is arguably the most creative expression of Christian radicalism today."
Spirituality & Practice
Friends Journal
"Read this book and be challenged and affirmed."
Quaker Life
"For those willing to venture out of their comfort zone, I highly recommend this book."
Mennonite Brethren Herald
"This book would be an excellent resource for Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and discussion groups. Warning: reading God Is Subversive may inspire you to pray and live in different ways - peaceful ways."