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The Yoke of Jesus
A School for the Soul in Solitude
POD; Published: 3/23/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6510-6
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160 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5 x 7
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A compact yet substantial guide for Christians seeking to encounter God

The Yoke of Jesus by Addison Hodges Hart is an inviting, inspiring guide for any Christian seeking to encounter God anew. In vivid, thought-provoking prose Hart explores the meaning of faith, our need for stillness and solitude, how to pray the Psalms, and much more, emphasizing throughout the individual's devotion to Jesus.

A wise and gifted teacher in this "school for the soul in solitude," Hart is at once informative and pragmatic in his approach, grounding essential spiritual disciplines in both Scripture and patristic sources and making them supremely relevant for followers of Jesus in the twenty-first century.

Rodney A. Whitacre
— Trinity School for Ministry
"Hart succeeds admirably in his effort to provide concepts that will help people reflect on their own practice of solitary prayer and stillness. Drawing upon Scripture and a wide range of ancient and contemporary resources, he offers thought-provoking insight into the meaning and nature of such prayer. The result is not only a deeper understanding of solitude and stillness in Christian discipleship but also encouragement and motivation to continue on the path. I am finding great benefit in repeated readings of this book."
John H. Armstrong
— president of ACT 3, author of Your Church Is Too Small
"We live in an age when dogma and loving God are too easily separated. Addison Hodges Hart believes the Christian's goal is the knowledge and love of God, but dogma is necessary to provide the signposts along the road. We need his emphasis on the soul in solitude more than ever if we are to bear the yoke of Christ faithfully in these times."