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PAPERBACK; Published: 8/29/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6513-7
292 Pages
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Series: The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary (TWOC)

A distinctively theological take on the book of Micah

Readers of the book of Micah learn a great deal about God: he is a mighty God who controls the nations, yet he is also concerned with everyday matters like equity, poverty, and care for widows and orphans. In presenting this transcendent-yet-immanent God, Micah's message revolves around themes of justice, judgment, and salvation that continue to carry great significance today.

In this theological commentary on the book of Micah, Stephen Dempster places the text in conversation with the larger story of Scripture. After discussing questions of structure and authorship in his introduction, Dempster systematically works through the text, drawing links to the broader biblical story throughout. In the second part of his commentary Dempster offers theological discussion that further explicates the most significant themes in Micah and their applicability to today's Christians.

Daniel Block
— Wheaton College
“This volume on Micah by Stephen Dempster represents biblical-commentary writing at its best. With brilliant insights, an engaging literary style, an impassioned tone, and a whole-Bible theological acumen, Dempster invites us into the world and message of this eighth-century prophet. But he does not leave us there. He challenges us to let its life-giving message transform our thinking about pressing social and ethical issues in our time.”
Mark J. Boda
— McMaster Divinity College
“Founded in deep exegetical reflections and broad canonical connections, Dempster’s commentary draws out theological implications that will challenge contemporary audiences to embrace the message of Micah for faith and life.”
J. Andrew Dearman
— Fuller Seminary Texas
“Dempster capably and insightfully interprets Micah as a book in its ancient setting, giving attention to historical, literary, and theological matters, while also placing its contents in a larger, biblical-theological context and showing its instructive power for contemporary reflection.”
Craig A. Carter
— Tyndale University College, Toronto
“Up to now, the theological interpretation of Scripture movement has clearly pointed out the failures of historical-critical commentaries but has struggled to provide a viable alternative. Here we see a truly theological commentary that uses a wide range of scholarship to engage the book of Micah as the Word of God. This is an outstanding example of what the commentary genre can and should be.”