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Christian Ethics in a Technological Age
POD; Published: 6/28/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6517-5
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418 Pages
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Through close analysis of the historical and conceptual roots of modern science and technology, Brian Brock here develops a theological ethic addressing a wide range of contemporary perplexities about the moral challenges raised by new technology.

Part I lays the groundwork for theological analysis by tracing "secular" philosophical accounts of modern technology's shape, origins, meanings, and ethical implications, looking specifically at Martin Heidegger and two of his interpreters, George Grant and Michael Foucault. Part II develops an account of faith's seeking to hear the claim of Christ amid technological life. Viewing technology as a human mode of thought that comes to approach all things and relationships as susceptible to human ordering and management, Brock explores how faith opens up trajectories for new ways of living with others elided by technological rationality.

Stanley Hauerwas
— Duke Divinity School
"This is as good a treatment of Heidegger's account of technology as any that we have, and a more appropriate theological response. Brian Brock is going to be one of the important theologians of the future."
Michael Banner
— Trinity College, Cambridge
"A considered and mature statement of a serious position on a highly pertinent topic. . . An extremely valuable contribution."
Bernd Wannenwetsch
— University of Oxford
"Remarkable. . . It is easy to criticize the technocratic spirit, but much harder to point out an alternative. This book does."
John Webster
— King's College, Aberdeen
"A fine treatment, both in its scope and in its perceptive analysis. . . Brian Brock articulates judgments with force and clarity."
Hans Ulrich
— University of Erlangen
"Brock's Christian Ethics in a Technological Age is not just one more contribution to the ethical and moral discourse on technology assessment. It pushes that discussion to a whole new level by meeting the need for a fundamental reflection on the ethical challenges presented by modern technology."
Christian Smith
— University of Notre Dame
"Christians are often so naïve about the power of technological culture in our lives. Brian Brock isn't. With sobering realism and Trinitarian clarity of vision, Brock shuts down happy optimism and focuses hope only in cross and resurrection, as worked out in the nitty-gritty particularities of our lives. The voices of Bonhoeffer, Barth, and Augustine, which Brock here brings to bear on the overpowering domination of technology, are a gift to any seeking an alternative vision."
Reviews in Religion and Theology
"A thoroughly remarkable book. . . . Highly recommended for any seeking to think deeply and theologically about how we should live in our ever-evolving technological world."
National Catholic Reporter
"Recommended to scholars, teachers and laypersons concerned with the consequences of technology in the contemporary church and society."
Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology
"A conceptually wide-ranging, thoroughly researched, and theologically attentive engagement with fundamental ethical questions of technology and of technological advance."
Scottish Journal of Theology
"Highly engaging. . . . Brock has opened a window upon the technological age which provides a clear and clarifying vision of the grand vista in and against which Christian ethics is now formed."