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Religious Liberty, Volume 2
The Free Exercise Clause
PAPERBACK; Published: 4/7/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6522-9
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871 Pages
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Series: Emory University Studies in Law and Religion (EUSLR)

One of the most respected and influential scholars of religious liberty in our time, Douglas Laycock has argued many crucial religious liberty cases in the U.S. appellate courts and Supreme Court. His noteworthy scholarly and popular writings are being collected in four comprehensive volumes under the title Religious Liberty.

This second volume, The Free Exercise Clause, includes articles, amicus briefs, and court documents relating to regulatory exemptions under the Constitution, the right to church autonomy, and the rights of non-mainstream religions. Dealing with religious schools and colleges, sexual abuse cases, the rights of Hare Krishnas and Scientologists, the landmark decision Employment Division v. Smith, and more, this will be a valuable reference for churches, schools, and other religious organizations as they exercise their constitutionally protected freedom.

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Kim Colby
— Center for Law and Religious Freedom
"Any person who cares about religious liberty in America (and we should all be greatly concerned about its increasingly fragile condition) needs to read Douglas Laycock."
J. Brent Walker
— Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
"The church-state field is blessed with serious scholars, persuasive advocates, dynamic teachers, astute political strategists, and public commentators. Douglas Laycock is one of a very few who are all of these. I welcome this multivolume collection of his always insightful and lucid writings — from scholarly law review articles to USA Today op-ed pieces. Even those who may disagree with Laycock's interpretation and application of the First Amendment's religion clauses will be hard pressed to gainsay these sentiments."
Voice of Reason
"A must for academic and law-school libraries. . . A treasure trove of information for those who teach or practice church-state law."