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The Meaning of Life
PAPERBACK; Published: 10/7/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6527-4
160 Pages
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Originally published in Russian in 1925, The Meaning of Life is a distillation of S. L. Frank's bitter experience during the Revolution and his post-Revolution exile. It is, quite simply, a book about the search for meaning in suffering, and it displays an extraordinary spiritual profundity rooted in personal experience. Translator Boris Jakim calls it "the closest thing we have in the twenty-first century to the book of Job." Jakim's masterful translation into English brings Frank's powerful thought to a world still -- and always -- searching for meaning.

Philip Boobbyer
"Boris Jakim has done us a great service in making available one of Semyon Frank's most accessible writings. One of Russia's greatest philosophers, Frank wrote The Meaning of Life shortly after his exile from Russia in 1922, when Lenin forced many of Russia's leading thinkers to leave the country. An appealing mix of reflection and argument, a meditation on the deepest questions of life."
Paul Valliere
"This soulful essay is the perfect introduction to the philosophical and religious thought of S. L. Frank. . . Here Frank calls us to a sense of the whole of things, an intuition of Eternal Being, to what Vladimir Solovyov called 'a wholly joyous secret — God is with us.' "
Richard Pevear
"S. L. Frank is the most important Russian philosopher of the twentieth century, a pure and penetrating thinker, and a limpid prose stylist. Despite his passionate involvement in the debates of his time, his thought is not period-bound; it speaks to us now as urgently as ever."
Robert Bird
"Reminiscent of the Confession of Leo Tolstoy, Frank's bold essay The Meaning of Life is an indispensable contribution to the Russian tradition of confronting the big, accursed questions. Frank's treatise is expertly translated and annotated by Boris Jakim, who continues his heroic labor of making available for English-language readers the most important works of Russian philosophy."