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Christian Theology in Practice
Discovering a Discipline

POD; Published: 1/31/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6534-2
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334 Pages
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For the past fifty years, scholars in both pastoral and practical theology have attempted to recapture human religious experience and practice as essential sites for theological engagement -- redefining in the process what theology is, how it is done, and who does it. In this book Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore shows how this trend in scholarship has led to an expanded subject matter, alternative ways of knowing, and richer terms for analysis in doing Christian theology.

Tracing more than two decades of her own search for a more inclusive discipline -- one that truly grapples with theology in the midst of life -- Christian Theology in Practice shows not only where Miller-McLemore herself has traveled in the field but also how pastoral and practical theology has developed during this time. Looking forward, Miller-McLemore calls on the academy and Christian congregations to disrupt conventional theological boundaries and to acknowledge the multiplicity of shapes and places in which the "wisdom of God" appears.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Miller-McLemore on EerdWord.
Elaine Graham
-- University of Chester
"Bonnie Miller-McLemore's writing has always been characterized by intellectual clarity and theological profundity, without ever losing its deep roots in the integrity of lived experience. In her reflections on pastoral care, the practice of theology, and the significance of feminist theory she has decisively shaped the discipline and continues to give it new rigor and direction. This volume will be essential reading for all those who, like her, regard the forging of practical theological wisdom with utmost seriousness."
“Helpful and compelling. . . . Miller-McLemore exhibits a graciousness to her various interlocutors and a critical assessment of her own work, all while making a strong case for a reorientation of academic theology. Such humility and reflexivity embody the best of what she has contributed to pastoral and practical theology.”
Mary McClintock Fulkerson
-- Duke Divinity School
"A real gift to contemporary theology -- all the more enhanced by the use of gender as a critical lens. Miller-McLemore's review of her own intellectual development over two decades connects us to important, complex debates and offers insights that we cannot afford to ignore, especially since the crucial role of lived faith has become cutting-edge in so-called 'academic' theology."
Dale P. Andrews
-- Vanderbilt Divinity School
"Miller-McLemore extends to us a fascinating invitation to join her in reviewing her own vocation in pastoral theology, gender studies, and practical theology thus far. . . . What we glean are not merely the critical insights of a leading scholar but a vital foray into the developments and movements of these disciplines in the academy and the practices of living faith. The gift here is the opportunity to discover the roots of scholarship emerging among these disciplines and to consider their growing edges still beckoning!"
Dorothy C. Bass
-- Valparaiso University
"In essays that portray major turns in practical theology's recent past and provide cutting-edge analysis of its current state, Miller-McLemore lays the groundwork for ongoing work in this dynamic field. Christian Theology in Practice is essential reading for practical theologians -- and for their colleagues across the theological curriculum."
Theological Studies
"Highly recommended for the wealth of insights and resources on pastoral and practical theology and their relationship within a unified academic discipline."
Religious Studies Review
"This collection is highly recommended for students of practical and pastoral theology, as well as those interested in feminist theology and its impact on pastoral and practical theology."
Scottish Journal of Theology
"This book is terrific value for money and should be on the shelves of any advanced or practical theologian, wherever they live."