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Evangelical, Catholic, and Reformed
Doctrinal Essays on Barth and Related Themes
George Hunsinger
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POD; Published: 4/9/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6550-2
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331 Pages
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Wide-ranging doctrinal expositions by an expert scholar of 20th-century theologian Karl Barth

In this book prominent Barth scholar George Hunsinger presents fifteen essays on Karl Barth's understanding of Christian doctrine across a wide spectrum of topics, concluding with suggestions as to how Barth's theology might fruitfully be retrieved for the future.

Hunsinger discusses Barth's view on such subjects as the Trinity, creation, natural theology, Christology, justification, and time and eternity. As he delves into Barth's theological substance, Hunsinger highlights ways in which Barth's work was evangelical, Catholic, and Reformed, illuminating the ecumenical aspects of his thought. No other volume explains Barth's views on this range of topics with such scope, depth, and clarity.
William H. Willimon
"George Hunsinger is our finest contemporary interpreter of our greatest contemporary theologian, Karl Barth."
John R. Franke
— Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, Belgium
"In this collection of rich, lucid, penetrating essays George Hunsinger displays not only his deep knowledge of Barth's thought but also his own dogmatic and constructive insights regarding some of the central themes of Christian doctrine and ecumenical dialogue. The gathering of these essays into a single volume serves to introduce them to a wider readership and allows them to speak more forcefully as a whole."
Keith L. Johnson
— Wheaton College
"This book confirms George Hunsinger's reputation as one of the world's finest dogmatic theologians. Decades of careful scholarly work have been distilled into these pages, and the result is a collection of essays distinguished by both their precision and their eloquence. While focused primarily on the theology of Karl Barth, these essays look outward and offer a contribution to the whole of the Christian theological tradition, showing us what it truly looks like for a theologian to practice church dogmatics."
Gerald McKenny
— University of Notre Dame
"In these masterful essays George Hunsinger again proves himself to be an ideal guide to Barth's theology. Whether he is focusing on Barth alone or placing him in conversation with others, Hunsinger's breadth of knowledge and precision of expression are on full display. Scholars, students, and anyone who is curious about Barth will learn much from this book about what Barth thought — and why it still matters."
John Burgess
— Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
"Hunsinger skillfully places Barth in relationship to other major positions that shape contemporary theological discourse. While these essays can be read individually, together they comprise a kind of systematic theology that begins with the Trinity, moves to revelation, and continues with issues related to Christology, salvation, eschatology, justification, sanctification, and theological anthropology. Hunsinger's evaluations are fair and judicious, and his proposals open lines of reflection that other theologians will wish to explore."
Catholic Library World
"Hunsinger utilizes his many years of research and provides an excellent glimpse of contemporary theological issues through the eyes of Karl Barth. . . . A notable work."
"Will be hugely beneficial to beginners in Barth as well as to seasoned scholars, who will appreciate the breadth and depth of Hunsinger's insights. . . . These splendid essays convey Barth's penetrating perceptions and serve as a compelling, compact introduction to Barth's thought. . . . Highly recommended."