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Being Holy in the World
Theology and Culture in the Thought of David L. Schindler
POD; Published: 6/10/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6554-0
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320 Pages
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In Being Holy in the World Nicholas Healy and D. C. Schindler present the first book-length study of David L. Schindler's thought, compiling essays by twelve scholars that examine Schindler's Trinitarian theology, ecclesiology, anthropology, and metaphysics in the context of the encounter between Christianity and contemporary c u l t u r e . < b r > < b r>Contributors:
  • Stratford Caldecott
  • Peter J. Casarella
  • Larry S. Chapp
  • David S. Crawford
  • Michael Hanby
  • Nicholas J. Healy Jr.
  • Rodney A. Howsare
  • D. Stephen Long, Antonio López
  • Tracey Rowland
  • D. C. Schindler
  • Adrian J. Walker
Glenn Olsen
— University of Utah
"This is a wonderful book, full of profound commentary on the thinking of David L. Schindler. . . Schindler is the most remarkable American theologian of all those who have explored the communio emphases on God as love and as Trinity. Among these, contributing to this book, are Schindler's son, David C. Schindler, Adrian J. Walker, Michael Hanby, and Fr. Antonio L?pez. Like Schindler himself, these scholars make important contributions to our understanding of the significance of communio theology for interpreting the Christian and American experience."
Carl A. Anderson
— Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus
"Seized by the beauty of reality, David Schindler is too alive in the depths of truth to look back and realize how groundbreaking his own explorations are. These essays ? by authors eminent in their own right ? excel at the challenging mission of showing exactly how far he has penetrated the two greatest questions: how do I relate to God, and how do I relate to other human beings? The result is ample proof for why David Schindler should be considered one of the most important theologians in the Church today. Being Holy in the World is a philosophical observatory: the revelation of how full, complex, ordered, and infinite the world is, can take one's breath away."
William L. Portier
— University of Dayton
"A giant among contemporary Christian thinkers, David Schindler has long pursued the metaphysical implications of faith's central mysteries. At being's heart, he finds love. It does indeed move the stars. Love's logos of receptivity and relationality has lured him through philosophy and physics to politics and economics, theology, aesthetics and biology. Being Holy in the World displays this project in its unity and comprehensiveness. This book is not only for students of theology and philosophy but for everyone who cares about the cultural sites Schindler explores."