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Infinity Dwindled to Infancy
A Catholic and Evangelical Christology
POD; Published: 7/6/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6555-7
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471 Pages
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What does it mean for God's infinity to "dwindle" to infancy?

At the heart of all ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Evangelicals is their fundamental agreement on Christology -- their common confession of Jesus Christ as Son of God and unique Savior of the human race. In this book Edward T. Oakes surveys Christian teaching on the person and nature of Christ and looks at many doctrinal and historical issues essential to the study of Christology.

Drawing on recent scholarship in New Testament and patristic Christology, key medieval theologians, major Protestant voices, contemporary Catholic theologians, and magisterial statements from Vatican II, Oakes presents two millennia of thinking on the Christian paradox of an infinite God who is a finite man -- or, in the words of Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, "Infinity dwindled to infancy."

The book concludes with a summary of the teaching on Christ that arose from the first seven ecumenical councils and a helpful glossary of technical terms frequently used in christological debate.

Thomas G. Guarino
— Seton Hall University
"Oakes is an erudite cicerone who skillfully guides us through the history of theological reflection on Jesus of Nazareth. He ranges easily through the full spectrum of christological thought, beginning with the Scriptures and then discussing the work of eminent fathers, noxious heretics, illustrious councils, exacting scholastics, vigorous Reformers, fallacious Idealists, down to the Protestant and Catholic theologians of our own day. Throughout his ecumenically inspired volume Oakes offers clear thinking and lucid writing, making this book an essential vade mecum for students and, indeed, for all those interested in the church's understanding of Jesus Christ."
Timothy George
— Beeson Divinity School, Samford University
"Edward T. Oakes, one of our best and most literate theologians, has given us in this volume a masterpiece of christological reflection. Evangelicals and Catholics share together a common faith in Jesus Christ the Lord, the one and only Savior of the world. The closer we are drawn to Jesus Christ, the closer we come to one another. This book helps us to do both."
Theological Studies
"This is the best Christology text in English I have seen in years."
"It is a lucid and thorough treatment of a difficult subject, and admirable as an introductory textbook."
"This extraordinarily well-written book manages to compress a mountain of material into a compelling narrative."
First Things
"Richly historical and rigorously conceptual study of the meaning and significance of Jesus Christ."
Reviews in Religion and Theology
"This is a really good book. I'm glad I've read it; it is stretching and thought-provoking and informative."
"Oakes has written a genuinely theological work of exceptional range, clarity, and depth. . . . The best work in Christology currently available in English."
Modern Theology
"This book introduces succinctly and clearly the elements characteristic of Christology at each period of the Church's history."