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Being Good
Christian Virtues for Everyday Life
POD; Published: 12/20/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6565-6
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292 Pages
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In this volume university professors - experts in theology and philosophy - explore what Being Good looks like on a practical level. Coming from a distinctively Christian perspective, the authors all believe that every Christian should try to embody the moral and intellectual virtues that Christ alone perfectly displayed. The chapters - on faith, open-mindedness, wisdom, zeal, hope, contentment, courage, love, compassion, forgiveness, and humility - include several discussion questions.

Contributors: Michael W. Austin, Jason Baehr, Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, R. Douglas Geivett, David A. Horner, William C. Mattison III, Paul K. Moser, Andrew Pinsent, Steve L. Porter, James S. Spiegel, Charles Taliaferro, David R. Turner.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Austin and Geivett on EerdWord.
Gary R. Habermas
— Liberty University
"I enjoy being surprised, informed, and challenged by the books that I read. Rarely, one happens upon a volume that fits a niche that few others even attempt. Such was my experience with Being Good. Here I found a significantly Christian approach to living virtuously, complete with practical suggestions in every chapter for improving the quality of this life. I found myself finishing a chapter and thinking it was the best I had seen so far, only to find the next one equally or even more stimulating. When that happens, you realize that you are holding a quality text!"
Robert C. Roberts
— Baylor University
"Being Good contains eleven well-informed, gracefully written new essays on crucial aspects of Christian character, intentionally crafted to aid the reader in the quest to grow in the Christian virtues."
Dallas Willard
— University of Southern California
"This timely book can help us find our way back into a life of virtue nurtured in grace and truth. Our world is desperate for such a life, and is now locked in a futile struggle with good and evil — a struggle it does not understand and cannot win. At this point it is Christian thinkers alone who can lead out of the encompassing moral darkness. This book, with its outstanding contributions by frontline Christian thinkers and scholars, is a major contribution to the intellectual and spiritual needs of our times. Hopefully it will become a part of the practice, teaching, and preaching in today's most prominent ministries."
Church Times
"A refreshingly good, scholarly, and practical collection. . . . The book raises important issues about how Christians should pursue ethical living."
Midwest Book Review
"Written by a group of younger scholars who are experts in theology and philosophy. . . . The authors believe that embodying Christ's values should be at the heart of Christian living, and they offer chapters headed by these virtues to discuss each and offer food for thought. Any Christian collection needs this!"
Church of England Newspaper
"Young Christian scholars, philosophers and theologians, look at how 11 selected virtues can be embodied in daily life. . . . Highly recommended."