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Sunday, Sabbath, and the Weekend
Managing Time in a Global Culture
POD; Published: 9/7/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6583-0
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210 Pages
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Edited with Timothy A. Norton

Spirituality that takes shape around regular Sunday and Sabbath worship is central to the historical identity of Christianity. Through the lens of this book, we see also that such a spirituality is central to nurturing a healthy, thriving society. Here fourteen contributors from diverse traditions across the spectrum of American Christianity examine how Christians and others can find needful rest through Sunday and Sabbath in managing the pressures of our 24/7 global c u l t u r e . < b r >
  1. Horace T. Allen, Jr.
  2. Alkiviadis C. Calivas
  3. Donald B. Conroy
  4. Ruy Costa
  5. Marva J. Dawn
  6. Darrell Guder
  7. Thomas Massaro
  8. Alexis McCrossen
  9. Timothy A. Norton
  10. Edward O'Flaherty
  11. Dennis T. Olson
  12. Rodney L. Petersen
  13. Aφda Besanτon Spencer
  14. Gloria White-Hammond

Claire Wolfteich
— Boston University School of Theology
"Much needed in a culture that emphasizes productivity and work as the source of identity. Sunday, Sabbath, and the Weekend points powerfully to an ancient and yet countercultural spiritual practice — Sabbath keeping. . . An excellent resource!"