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Captive to the Word of God
Engaging the Scriptures for Contemporary Theological Reflection
Miroslav Volf
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POD; Published: 11/12/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6590-8
Price: $ 20.50
188 Pages
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In Captive to the Word of God eminent theologian Miroslav Volf invites readers to dip with him into the deep well of Scripture -- to look over his shoulder as he engages actively with the Bible, which, as he notes, is at once a sacred text, a witness to Jesus Christ, and the site of God's self-revelation for the sake of humanity's salvation.

After a probing explanation of how and why he uses Scripture to shape theological thought, Volf applies his interpretive principles to 1 Peter, the Gospel of John, 1 John, and Ecclesiastes. Volf's explorations -- far from esoteric reflections emanating out of a theological bubble -- get at the heart of some of the most real and perplexing religious quandaries of our time: pluralism, materialism, Muslim-Christian relations, how Christians ought to relate to their surrounding culture, and what it really means to say that "God is love." Together, these chapters inspire a vision of life that is informed by Scripture and lived lovingly and joyfully before God and with others.

John R. Franke
— Biblical Seminary
"Full of insight and wisdom for those who wrestle with the challenges of living out Christian faith with the Bible in one hand and today's newspaper in the other."
Timothy George
— Beeson Divinity School, Samford University
"Volf has written a book of wisdom and clarity that connects the Bible, theology, and the meaning of Jesus Christ in a world hungry for love and truth. A book of sound biblical theology in dialogue with the culture of pluralism, this is a superb read!"
Timothy Larsen
— Wheaton College
"Miroslav Volf is one of the most exciting and well-respected theological voices on the American scene today. In the long run, however, the only work that lasts is by those theologians whose reflections arise from a deep attentiveness to and engagement with Holy Scripture. This volume shows that Volf is in that worthy company. Captive to the Word of God will enrich and nourish readers for many years to come."