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From Memory to Imagination
Reforming the Church's Music
POD; Published: 9/21/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6593-9
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251 Pages
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Series: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Liturgical Studies

The relatively recent "worship wars" over styles of worship - traditional, contemporary, or blended - have calmed down, and many churches have now reached decisions about which "worship style" defines them. At a more fundamental level, however, change has yet to begin.

In From Memory to Imagination Randall Bradley argues that fallout from the worship wars needs to be cleaned up and that fundamental cultural changes - namely, the effects of postmodernism - call for new approaches to worship. Outlining imaginative ways for the church to move forward, this book is a must-read for church leaders and anyone interested in worship music.
Ken Medema
-- singer, songwriter, composer
"If you are a church musician who wants to think, if you are a thinker about church music, if you care about where church music is going, then please read this book. In many cases Randall Bradley's From Memory to Imagination will lead you not only from memory to imagination but also from imagination to action. You will rethink what you do and why, you will gain new perspectives on what Sunday is all about, and you will feel refreshed and wide-awake after reading these pages."
C. Michael Hawn
-- Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University
"Bradley brings a seasoned, sensible voice to the discussion of the church's music. . . . Offers a holistic vision for church music rather than a simplistic quick fix. This is a book for church musicians, pastors, worship committees, choirs, and laity to share and discuss. Following the vision expressed in these pages could lead a congregation from wandering in the worship wilderness to moving toward the promised land."
Living Church
"From Memory to Imagination gives plenty of food for thought to any worship leader, pastor, or churchgoer who thinks seriously about the role of music in the contemporary church. Its thought-provoking vision will prompt many worship leaders to rethink the purpose of their ministry and imagine new possibilities for its future."
"Bradley's book can prove helpful to musicians, pastors, or congregants who long to expand the breadth of the music that their churches sing."
Congregational Libraries Today
"A must-read for Christians in pastoral, worship, and music leadership positions."
The Artistic Theologian
"Insightful. . . . This book may have tremendous impact on worship in the coming years because it encapsulates in a well-researched account the state of the church of today and its path to becoming the church of tomorrow. The first few chapters alone make this book an essential addition to the library of the church musician."
The American Organist
"Anyone concerned with the music of the church will find this text thought-provoking in its careful consideration of how worship might draw from biblical and the church's memory to move through creative and biblical imagination into God's future. . . . This book will be helpful in facilitating discussions between musicians and pastors, worship committees and choir members, and anyone interested in the future of Christian worship. . . . Highly recommended."