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All Roads Lead to the Text
Eight Methods of Inquiry into the Bible
Dean Deppe
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POD; Published: 11/10/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6594-6
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411 Pages
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In All Roads Lead to the Text Dean Deppe offers a user-friendly guide to biblical exegesis and interpretation. Far from a dry, theoretical handbook, this book's example-based approach enlivens the exegetical task and offers immediate payoff by constantly applying concepts to specific texts. Deppe focuses on eight methods that biblical scholars use, from analyzing literary, grammatical, and structural elements to investigating historical and cultural backgrounds to exploring the history of interpretation. Deppe explains each approach using several concrete examples from both Old and New Testament texts, and every chapter concludes with practical, text-based questions for study and discussion.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Deppe on EerdWord.
W. Randolph Tate
-- Evangel University
"An excellent how-to guide to practical biblical interpretation. As a hermeneutics text, it virtually teaches the reader with minimal assistance from an instructor because of its inductive approach and copious examples. It will be an effective teaching tool for a variety of audiences -- professors and their classes, individuals looking for personal enrichment, study groups, and pastors. If I were looking for a foundational textbook that treats the reader, the Bible, and the history of interpretive communities with integrity, this would be the text of choice."
M. Sydney Park
-- Beeson Divinity School
"A beneficial resource for all students of Scripture desiring to gain exegetical proficiency. Deppe successfully connects traditional exegetical methods with current technological resources for biblical studies in an easily understandable format replete with examples. Students and pastors alike will find this volume valuable."
Robert W. Yarbrough
-- Covenant Theological Seminary
"This superb textbook stands securely on Dean Deppe's attention to detail, gift for organization, prose economy, big-picture biblical mastery, hermeneutical reasonableness, and (perhaps above all) clarity. It bears the marks of both years of scholarship and a passion for classroom utility. Deppe uses Logos Bible Software to enhance his vision, but the book does not depend on that (or any other) software. . . . A one-stop source for learning (or reviewing) exegetical best practices across the gamut of established methods."
Journal of Theological Studies
"This is a stimulating and practical book, grounded in sound exegesis and methodical awareness. Its use of biblical examples all the way through is extremely helpful. . . . This book will provide helpful advice to those clergy who are preaching to the same congregation week by week."
Reviews in Religion and Theology
"The book is extremely well researched and is written with an excellent knowledge and understanding of the scripture and exegetical methodology. It is certainly a book that should be on the shelves of students of scripture and will act as a useful aid for exegetical proficiency."
Midwestern Journal of Theology
"Deppe has provided both the academy and the church with a useful tool for practicing good hermeneutics. I anticipate that many professors will find it useful as a supplemental text, and many others will want to have it on their shelf as a very useful reference tool for doing exegesis."
Review of Biblical Literature
"This book will appeal to beginning students interested in a broad perspective on how to go about interpreting the Bible. It will especially appeal to those students interested in working with Bible software."