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Who Are the Christians in the Middle East? Second Edition
POD; Published: 11/12/2010
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6595-3
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244 Pages
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Combining highly readable essays on history and culture, profiles of individual church bodies, and country-by-country discussions of the current state of Christianity in the Middle East, this well-researched volume provides an informed introduction to the diverse -- now widely marginalized -- Christian minority in a volatile part of the world.

Recognizing the rapidly shifting nature of both politics and demographics in this unstable region, Betty Jane and J. Martin Bailey have provided timely updates to their rich trove of information in this second edition of their landmark book.

Read a blog post from Betty Jane Bailey on EerdWord.
Christianity Today
"News may come streaming in daily from the Middle East, but there is hardly ever a mention of the Christians in the region. . . This solid reference book should open up a new understanding of the Christian community abroad."
Jonathan J. Bonk
— Overseas Ministries Study Center
"We are indebted to the Baileys for this timely overview of the usually overlooked, frequently forgotten, and often misunderstood family of Middle Eastern churches tracing direct lineage to our early Christian forebears. Those who pick up the book hoping to find answers to the question posed by the title will not be disappointed. . . A one-of-a-kind and sorely needed resource."
"With the world's attention focused on ongoing conflicts in Israel, journalists, authors, and scholars have examined the long-standing hostility between Jews and Muslims there. One group that is often omitted from the story, however, is the region's Christians. . . In Who Are the Christians in the Middle East? Betty Jane and J. Martin Bailey explore the history of the region's various Christian groups, which include many different Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant traditions. This is a very practical reference book. . . The material is accessibly written and well researched."
James M. Wall
— senior contributing editor, The Christian Century
" 'This remarkable book is a valuable reference on the historic churches of the Middle East. It also serves as a guidebook for travelers eager to understand and worship with fellow Christians in the region. For students of religion, this book enriches our understanding of the faith. For believers, it is a journey to the land where it all began. We are indebted to the Baileys for sharing their years of experience in the land we call 'holy' and for doing so in such a readable, informative fashion."
John H. Thomas
— former general minister and president, Office of General Ministries, United Church of Christ
"For many American Christians who see the Holy Land as a tourist destination, an archaeological site, or the place of bloody confrontation between Muslims and Jews, Betty and Martin Bailey's depiction of the churches in the Middle East will be startling. This description of the region's diverse Christian communities is both a helpful primer and a rich and affectionate portrait enabling readers to see beyond the media's images of intolerance, terror, and despair and to glimpse the human face of Christians persistently bearing witness to the gospel of hope, justice, and peace."
Praise for the first edition

Religious Studies Review

"The definitive resource for understanding Christianity in the Middle East. Having been in the region on and off since 1969, the Baileys write from personal experience and acquaintance with their subject matter. . . Recommended for libraries and all seeking an introduction to this topic."
"Holds enormous promise for understanding Middle Eastern Christians and creating relationships with them. It is difficult to imagine a group of Christians studying about the Middle East or traveling there who would not be grateful for this book."
The Living Church
"The second edition provides up-to-date information on the cultures, histories, and institutions of Christians living in Muslim-majority countries from Morocco to Iran. . . . This accessible, brief, and timely introduction to the ongoing and inspiring life of Christians in the earliest homeland of the Church fills an important gap and should have a wide audience."
Modern Believing
"An incredibly readable account of the mosaic of Christian communities now worshipping in the Middle East. . . . Fascinating insights into the lives of the locals."