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The Hidden and the Manifest
Essays in Theology and Metaphysics
POD; Published: 4/12/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6596-0
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368 Pages
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Rowan Williams says that David Bentley Hart "can always be relied on to offer a perspective on the Christian faith that is both profound and unexpected." The Hidden and the Manifest, a new collection of this brilliant scholar's work, contains twenty essays by Hart on theology and metaphysics.

Spanning Hart's career both topically and over time, these essays cover such subjects as the Orthodox understanding of Eucharistic sacrifice; the metaphysics of Paradise Lost; Christianity, modernity, and freedom; death, final judgment, and the meaning of life; and many more.
John Milbank
— University of Nottingham
"David Hart is unerringly learned, eloquent, and profound over an enormous intellectual range. Above all, this book (worth reading for the stunning Milton essay alone) shows just how the narrative vision of Christianity and its metaphysics of the simple, eternal, nonsuffering, and omnipotent God require each other. . . . With a glorious disrespect for shibboleths, Hart proclaims, with unique brilliance, how Christianity restores, fulfills, and transcends the earliest human intuitions concerning the obscure symbolism of nature, the priesthood of humanity, and the unnaturalness of death."
Tony Clark in Theology
"A veritable theological feast."
The Living Church
"[Hart] has an uncanny ability not only to write on theological problems with penetrating clarity and astonishing intelligence and insight, but his theology also maintains a striking, memorable aesthetic. This latest published collection of his theological essays presents him at his finest in both regards."


"[Hart] is an outstandingly able scholar in possession
of an ability to make his readers think again. There is both profundity and clarity in his writings, which are likely to cause those who engage with them to reconsider even settled theological convictions."