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Introducing Romans
Critical Issues in Paul's Most Famous Letter
POD; Published: 3/25/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6619-6
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518 Pages
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Paul's Letter to the Romans has proven to be a particular challenge for commentators, with its many highly significant interpretive issues often leading to tortuous convolutions and even "dead ends" in their understanding of the letter.

Here, Richard N. Longenecker takes a comprehensive look at the complex backdrop of Paul's letter and carefully unpacks a number of critical issues, including:
  • Authorship, integrity, occasion, date, addressees, and purpose
  • Important recent interpretive approaches
  • Greco-Roman oral, rhetorical, and epistolary conventions
  • Jewish and Jewish Christian thematic and rhetorical features
  • The establishing of the letter's Greek text
  • The letter's main focus, structure, and argument

Larry Hurtado
— University of Edinburgh
"Longenecker addresses here the major questions about this intriguing letter, setting out his own views cogently and clearly, with fairness and respect for those with whom he disagrees, and drawing upon decades of research and reflection. Reasonable, clear, well-informed, and instructive in every chapter, this extensive introduction to Romans deserves a place in any scholarly collection on Paul's most-discussed letter."
Stephen Westerholm
— McMaster University
"A veteran interpreter of Paul here takes on issues — some perennial, some of more recent focus — important for understanding Paul's weightiest letter. Students will find this to be an informed introduction to a host of crucial subjects; as a handy reference work, the book merits a place on the shelves of scholars as well. Warmly commended for both!"
I. Howard Marshall
— University of Aberdeen
"This extended introduction to Romans is in effect the first installment of Dick Longenecker's forthcoming major commentary on the epistle, and publishing it separately has enabled him to deal more comprehensively with the issues than in any existing commentary. . . I warmly commend it and look forward eagerly to the publication of the commentary whose harbinger it is."
J. Ramsey Michaels
— Missouri State University
"Introducing Romans, a kind of introduction-ahead-of-time to Richard Longenecker's forthcoming commentary on Romans, is a major achievement in its own right, the fruit of at least fifty years of scholarship on the apostle Paul and on Romans in particular. It can stand alone as an indispensable handbook for anyone venturing to write a commentary of one's own or for anyone who wants to teach or understand that classic letter. Above all, Longenecker succeeds admirably in putting the many issues surrounding Romans in the broadest possible historical context, encompassing not just recent fashions but the legacy of centuries. Seasoned scholars and beginning students alike have every reason to be grateful."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"Bold and independent, erudite and informative, never less than challenging. . . . Warmly evangelical and pastoral."
Trinity Journal
"The most comprehensive treatment of introductory issues in the letter, both setting them in their historical context and offering prospects for their continued investigation. . . . Valuable as a reference volume. . . . It is well organized and readable enough to be useful to the non-specialist as well."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"Offers an excellent overview of current major interpretive approaches to Romans. . . . A fine introduction."
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
"A very good summary of the state of current research. . . . A useful and useable resource."
Evangelical Quarterly
"An advanced introduction of particular benefit to students. . . . Original insight and interpretations."
Religious Studies Review
"A valuable one-stop source for discussions on all 'critical issues' concerning Romans."
Review of Biblical Literature
"Well-written, and I heartily recommend it to those embarking on a critical study of Paul's letter to the Christians at Rome."
Choice (American Library Association)
"Outstanding work. It should take its place on the reference shelf of any scholar interested in a serious study of Romans. . . . Highly recommended."