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Saving Desire
The Seduction of Christian Theology

POD; Published: 7/6/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6626-4
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204 Pages
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Christian theology has traditionally held desire at arm's length, regarding it warily, as something dark, dangerous, and intimately related to sin -- something to be resisted and repressed, closeted and controlled. But in this volume LeRon Shults and Jan-Olav Henriksen entreat Christians to acknowledge not only that desire is an important element of human physical and spiritual life (and therefore a subject that theology should never shy away from engaging) but also that desire can be a powerful force for great good. Shults, Henriksen, and six other boundary-crossing theologians celebrate together the positivity, the sociality, and the physicality of saving desire -- humankind's innate yearning for the goodness and beauty of God.

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C ontributors
  • Rita Nakashima Brock
  • Wendy Farley
  • Cristina Grenholm
  • Jan-Olav Henriksen
  • F. LeRon Shults
  • Ola Sigurdson
  • Jayne Svenungsson
  • Christine Roy Yoder
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"The book is well worth reading by all who are concerned with how theology speaks to the desires of human life."
Modern Believing
"A valuable addition to the field. . . . It is clear, thoughtful and impressively well-integrated. . . . The range of conversation partners is impressive, and the essays are consistently strong in their endorsement of incarnation as a divine as well as a human good."