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Getting Saved
The Whole Story of Salvation in the New Testament
POD; Published: 11/3/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6648-6
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336 Pages
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Innovative excursion into New Testament teaching on the earthly life of faith

What does it mean to "get saved"? Is conversion a gift of God's grace but the post-conversion Christian life in our own hands? Is the covenant relationship sustained by a sense of personal gratitude for God's past gift of conversion -- or is post-conversion faithfulness itself an ongoing gift from God?

In this book Charles H. Talbert and Jason A. Whitlark, together with Andrew E. Arterbury, Clifford A. Barbarick, Scott J. Hafemann, and Michael W. Martin, address such questions about God's role in the Christian's life. Through careful, consistent exegesis of relevant New Testament texts, they show that "getting saved" involves both God's forgiveness and God's enablement to obey -- or "new covenant piety" -- from initial conversion to eschatological salvation.

Read more about the book in a blog post by Whitlark on EerdWord.
Paul Foster
-- University of Edinburgh
"This book presents with sparkling clarity the core theological ideas about salvation contained in the New Testament. It is theologically rich, intellectually innovative, and beautifully crafted. Scholars, pastors, and general readers will be grateful for the lucidity with which the authors write."
Dale Allison
-- Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
"A balanced collection that brings clarity and critical nuance to the complex issue of New Testament soteriology. The essays offer a number of fresh -- and mostly convincing -- readings of important biblical books and outline some new approaches to several important topics."
Mark Allan Powell
-- Trinity Lutheran Seminary
"Explores the role of divine enablement in soteriology, demonstrating how different New Testament authors develop that theme in diverse and sometimes surprising ways. . . . Provocative and revelatory, these studies shed new light on biblical texts and will provide new avenues for Jewish-Christian dialogue."
C. Clifton Black
--Princeton Theological Seminary
"Extending previous research in creative directions, this volume should stimulate a return to the primary sources and productive debate over their interpretation."
Reviews in Religion and Theology
"This is a book that can be highly recommended, both for New Testament scholars and church leaders."
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
"This volume represents a distinctive and valuable addition to the plethora of studies of New Testament soteriology. . . . There is much in this collection to admire and enjoy."
Journal of Theological Studies
"Provocative. . . . This volume has provided a fresh discussion of perseverance in the New Testament, and forthcoming studies on this topic will do well to engage with the essays included here."
Religious Study Review
"These essays are worthy of attentive study."