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Peter Enns
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POD; Published: 11/15/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6649-3
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252 Pages
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Series: The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary (THOTC)

Theological answers to a biblical book riddled with questions

Ecclesiastes is an Old Testament book with a long history of diverse and contradictory interpretations. Even basic questions -- who wrote the book, when, and for what purpose -- perennially plague scholars. The book's theological message is likewise elusive, hidden in riddles and convoluted trains of thought that twist and turn back upon themselves.

In this expert commentary on Ecclesiastes, Peter Enns neither disregards nor attempts to resolve the book's many theological tensions and ambiguities. Rather, he shows how these form the backdrop against which the author struggles to show readers the proper path forward in their journeys of faith -- remaining true to the tradition to "fear God and keep the commands" despite the apparent futility of human existence.

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Kenton L. Sparks
-- Eastern University
"'Of the making of books there is no end,' says Qohelet. And I am glad that he is right. Were it not so, we'd not have in our hands this new and engaging commentary by Pete Enns. Qohelet explores the deep questions of human existence to the roots, and Enns follows, in what is a challenging confrontation with this theologically important and much-neglected book of Holy Scripture."
Tremper Longman III
-- Westmont College
"'Trust and obey' in spite of suffering and doubt. According to Peter Enns, that is the main message of Ecclesiastes. A veteran commentator, Enns carefully and insightfully interprets the book and shows its immense relevance for those today who follow the suffering yet victorious Christ. A must-read for everyone who wants to understand the important book of Ecclesiastes."
James Kugel
-- Bar-Ilan University, Israel
"Ecclesiastes is certainly one of the most fascinating -- and challenging -- books of the Bible. Peter Enns has taken it on with equal measures of informed scholarship and religious sensitivity. His commentary, while surveying most of the thorny issues that have puzzled previous commentators, never loses sight of the big picture and the questions that matter most in a person's life. The result is an extraordinary achievement -- a worthy addition to the home libraries of scholars and laymen alike."
"Well written, accessible and engaging."
Review of Biblical Literature
"The author strikes a good balance between sound and detailed exegetical exposition and a writing style that is lucid, nontechnical, and easy to read for professionals and laypersons alike."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"This volume makes a substantial contribution to the ongoing study of Ecclesiastes."
Stone-Campbell Journal
"Enns has written an accessible and engaging commentary. . . . An excellent resource."
Trinity Journal
"Enns delivers a commentary full of insight and a fresh direction for subsequent study."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"A valuable resource."