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Karl Barth and American Evangelicalism

POD; Published: 8/17/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6656-1
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400 Pages
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This innovative collection seeks to build bridges between the theology of Karl Barth and contemporary American evangelicalism and provide the impetus for moving evangelical engagement with Barth to a new level. The scholarly insights offered here shed much light on current trends in Protestant theology and show how Barth's thought can enrich evangelical interaction with current theological movements.
Fred Sanders
— Biola University
"Barth and the evangelicals have a complicated history, punctuated by periodic attempts to define the relationship. This carefully edited set of essays is the most rigorous, informed, and programmatic intervention so far. It illuminates old fights (Van Til's critique), explores new territory (the emergent church movement, Radical Orthodoxy), and above all defines the doctrinal loci where the interests of evangelical theology and the legacy of Barth intersect."
Kelly M. Kapic
— Covenant College
"All too often evangelicals have reduced their treatment of Karl Barth's theology to trying to figure out if he is a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy.' In this volume, taking a different path, we find serious and nuanced engagement with Barth's theology, a learned appreciation of his historical location, and a real willingness both to critique and to learn from him. The publication of this book will be hugely helpful for students of twentieth-century theology."
Mid-America Journal of Theology
"For evangelicals, including those who identify themselves as embracing the historic Reformed creeds, this volume is a breakthrough, or a partial one, in the impasse that has long existed between Protestantism of the pre-Enlightenment type, i.e., Christian orthodoxy, and Barth's theology. . . . What this book achieves, for the first time, is a conversation between American evangelicals and the theology of Karl Barth."
Living Church
"A feast of insights. . . . Theologically inquisitive readers of all times can find rich food for thought about perennial issues in the life of the Church."
Reviews in Religion and Theology
"This volume provides an important insight into the debates sparked by the American evangelical response to the theology of Karl Barth and is well worth careful reading and serious consideration."
Theology Today
"Superb collection of essays. . . . This book should serve as a valuable contribution to growing rapprochement between evangelical theology and Barth studies and should be consulted for its important contribution in area of Barth studies."
Religious Studies Review
"Will provide much good for thought for anyone interested in the present and future of evangelical theology."
"Sheds much light on current trends in Protestant theology and shows how Barth's thought can enrich evangelical interaction with current theological movements."