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An Introduction to Interpretive Theory
POD; Published: 11/16/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6657-8
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328 Pages
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In this concentrated, intelligible, and useful introductory volume Stanley Porter and Jason Robinson give a splendid overview of hermeneutical and interpretive thought. Neither an all-inclusive survey that moves too quickly over the surface of complex issues nor a specialized volume on a single, narrow topic, Porter and Robinson's Hermeneutics provides critical analysis of major movements and figures in hermeneutics and interpretive theory in the modern era -- from Schleiermacher and Heidegger to Thiselton and Culpepper -- showing especially how these interpreters and their movements have impacted biblical and theological study.
Grant Osborne
-- Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
"We have needed a book like this for some time. It not only traces the philosophical issues and major figures but does so concisely and readably. This is a must-read for college and seminary classes as well as for anyone who wants to be grounded in the theoretical issues behind the process of interpreting texts."
Craig Blomberg
-- Denver Seminary
"Even seasoned students of hermeneutics seldom get a detailed overview of the discipline's most influential thinkers of the last two hundred years in a connected, chronological, descriptive, and evaluative analysis. Stan Porter -- already well known for his prolific writing, especially in Greek linguistics and hermeneutical theory -- here teams up with his former student Jason Robinson to provide such a volume. This is a text that will help readers with significant grounding in the discipline to connect many dots that they otherwise might never have realized form coherent patterns. Warmly to be welcomed."
Craig A. Evans
-- Acadia Divinity College
"Stanley Porter and Jason Robinson have written no ordinary book on hermeneutics. Their survey of the best thinking on the subject is a masterpiece. Here is the book for those who find hermeneutical theory mysterious and baffling."
Review of Biblical Literature
"A clear, eminently readable, and wide-ranging work on hermeneutics that deserves a wide readership."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"This well-written volume is stimulating and engaging. As a highly commendable book, it will undoubtedly be useful to many, not least as a textbook in courses on hermeneutics and methodology."
Choice (American Library Association)
"This excellent overview of the range of hermeneutics since Gadamer is broad and comprehensive. . . . Highly recommended."
"A worthwhile read and an effective point of reference for students and teachers of theology who are interested in the task of self-knowledge."