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More Than Matter?
Is There More to Life than Molecules?
POD; Published: 3/22/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6660-8
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Is the human mind just an intricate mass of nerve cells and synapses, or is it something more?

Are human beings merely the accidental by- product of millions of genetic copying mistakes -- freaks of nature -- or is there something deeper and more sublime at the heart of human existence?

Is there such a thing as a soul?

Whether or not human consciousness extends beyond the physical world has been one of the deepest and most persistent philosophical questions. In More Than Matter? distinguished philosopher Keith Ward sets his mind to the task of exploring this contentious question.

Taking issue with materialism, especially as associated with the rise of modern science, Ward argues that human consciousness does in fact transcend our physiology. Moreover, he contends, the truth that we are indeed "more than matter" has profound implications not only for our human worth but also for our understanding of the nature, value, and purpose of the cosmos.

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Stewart Goetz
— Ursinus College
"Keith Ward ably develops the idealist/dualist ideas that conscious mind is at the basis of reality and that the material world functions as the medium through which conscious finite minds express themselves to one another. . . A refreshing philosophical defense of the view that irreducible minds can causally affect the material world in their purposeful pursuit of what is good. More Than Matter? is philosophically rigorous yet written with the broadly educated reader in mind. A great read — I highly recommend it."
Conor Cunningham
— University of Nottingham
"A wonderfully clear, exciting, and profound book. . . Materialists beware!"