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Life after Death
A New Approach to the Last Things
POD; Published: 12/5/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6665-3
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269 Pages
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Writing in the wake of a near-fatal stroke, eminent theologian Anthony C. Thiselton addresses a universally significant topic: death and what comes next. This distinctive study of "the last things" comprehensively explores questions about individual death, the intermediate state, the return of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, hell, the final state of the redeemed, and more. At once scholarly and pastoral, Thiselton's Life after Death offers biblically astute, historically informed, and intellectually sound answers -- making this book an invaluable resource for thinking Christians.

Read more about the book in a blog post from Thiselton on EerdWord.
John Sentamu
-- Archbishop of York
"Very accessible, deeply grounded in Scripture, pastorally helpful, and sensitive to that most democratic of all institutions -- death. What a real gem of a book."
Thomas G. Long
-- author of Accompany Them with Singing -- The Christian Funeral
"With his characteristically firm grasp of sources ancient and contemporary and with admirable clarity, Anthony Thiselton guides the reader through the complexities of such vexed biblical themes as hell, the final judgment, the return of Christ, and the resurrection of the dead -- giving us a book that is not only theologically profound but also pastorally encouraging."
John Webster
-- King's College, University of Aberdeen
"Thiselton draws on a lifetime's study of Scripture, doctrine, philosophy, and the nature of language to construct a Christian theology of the last things. Immensely learned and rich in Christian wisdom, this book has much to offer all students of the Christian faith."
Scottish Journal of Theology
"What impressed me most about Life after Death is its humane and pastoral sensitivity. . . . This book is both disciplined and warm — another not-so-routine combination that Thiselton achieves with fine aplomb."
Journal of Theological Studies
"A book which will enrich professional theologians and lay people alike. . . . This is theology as it should be — stemming out of a lifetime of serious scholarship interacting with the real questions that people ask."
Biblical Theology Bulletin
"A tour de force. . . . It is an achievement the likes of which can be accomplished only by a seasoned scholar with a lifetime of study and a pastor's heart."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"An excellent, accessible, and deeply pastorally relevant introduction to the topic of death and the end times."