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The Pseudepigrapha on Sexuality
Attitudes towards Sexuality in Apocalypses, Testaments, Legends, Wisdom, and Related Literature
William Loader
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POD; Published: 3/9/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6666-0
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584 Pages
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The Pseudepigrapha on Sexuality is the third of five volumes by William Loader exploring attitudes toward sexuality in Judaism and Christianity during the Greco-Roman era. In this volume Loader investigates in detail a large, diverse collection of more than forty Jewish apocryphal and pseudepigraphal writings and fragments composed between the third century b.c.e. and the end of the first century c.e.

Judith, Tobit, 2 Enoch, Susannah -- these and many other writings reveal a complex and fascinating amalgam of attitudes and mores related to sexuality in early Jewish culture. Loader analyzes each book or fragment in its own literary context and draws out significant trends and themes that run through the entire corpus, offering a rich smorgasbord of reflection on sexuality during that period.
Harold Attridge
— Yale Divinity School
"William Loader's ambitious project — to study sexuality in the world of ancient Jews and early Christians — is timely and potentially significant for contemporary debates about sexual morality. His rigorous historical approach provides an in-depth study of the primary sources, with attention to all of the concerns that they express about human sexual behavior and identity. This volume on Jewish Pseudepigrapha is a rich resource for anyone interested in the cultural sources of the positions on sexuality adopted by contemporary religious communities."
George J. Brooke
— University of Manchester
"This third volume of Bill Loader's work on sexuality in all the Jewish literary remnants from the Second Temple period is packed with astutely sorted information. . . With the Decalogue as the touchstone for the control of passion in a rich and varied sexual ethic, the reader is left wondering especially what Jewish women would really have thought about this wide variety of male opinion. Highly stimulating — intellectually, that is."
Kelley Coblentz Bautch
— St. Edward's University
"William Loader's study certainly advances our knowledge of sexuality in the Second Temple and Late Antique periods, and Loader should be congratulated for initiating and undertaking this examination."
John J. Collins
— Yale Divinity School
"Loader's ongoing inventory of passages relating to sexuality in ancient Jewish literature is enriched by sensitive exegetical discussion, making his work an exceptional resource for an emerging field of study."
Bibliotheca Sacra
"Loader seems to have left no stone unturned. . . . The choice to follow the topic of sexuality throughout all this material was certainly a colossal undertaking, but it has paid off with an overview and deep analysis of the topic in ancient Jewish literature."
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
"An excellent work. . . . The book is thoroughly readable, wonderfully engaging, even fascinating at times. Despite its accessibility, it deals eruditely with both the primary sources and an impressive array of secondary literature. . . . The treatment of the texts is masterful."
Journal of Theological Studies
"Material gathered and evaluated in this volume is extensive and diverse. . . . Impressive, well-documented study."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"Loader's close readings, philological expertise, and impressive mastery of the relevant bibliography make this volume a very useful addition to the field."
Review of Biblical Literature
"Loader's volume brilliantly fulfills the test it set for itself and went even beyond it, by offering new insights and compelling analyses on individual works. It is rare for a reference book to be so captivating to read!"
Biblical Theology Bulletin
"Loader's extensive use of primary and secondary sources is impressive. . . . Invaluable."
Near East Archeological Society Bulletin
"Will doubtless remain an essential work in this area of ancient Eastern cultures for many years."
Theological Book Review
"A valuable resource that will serve as a useful reference source."