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The Pentecostal Principle
Ethical Methodology in New Spirit
POD; Published: 11/16/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6697-4
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247 Pages
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Series: Pentecostal Manifestos (PM)

Applies a Pentecostal sensibility to the study of social ethics

This book formulates the Pentecostal principle -- the capacity of social existence to begin something new -- and applies it specifically to the field of ethical methodology. Nimi Wariboko engages a host of contemporary philosophers, from Hannah Arendt to Giorgio Agamben and others working in the Tillichian tradition, as he develops an understanding of how Pentecostal thought sheds new light on the nature, task, and project of social ethics.

With an eye for both the intrinsic playfulness of Pentecostal practice and the realities of global pluralism, Wariboko contributes a distinctively Pentecostal voice to ongoing conversations in political theology, social ethics, public theology, and philosophy.
Harvey Cox
-- Harvard University
"Nimi Wariboko is quickly becoming one of the most original and creative voices in contemporary theology. An African and a Pentecostal, he draws on and transcends these dimensions of his personality in this pioneering work. . . . No student of ethics today can ignore this tour de force."
Ruth Marshall
-- New College, University of Toronto
"Wariboko's rigorous theological engagement with leading continental philosophers (Hannah Arendt, Giorgio Agamben, Jean-Luc Nancy) results in the most sophisticated and exciting account of Pentecostal ethics and political theology developed to date. Wariboko outlines a Pentecostal principle that expresses our human capacity to begin anew and refuses any fixed destiny for human becoming, making a fascinating case for a new Pentecostal ethics and politics of openness that responds to the challenges of our plural world."
Elias Kifon Bongmba
-- Rice University
"A bold exercise in philosophical theology in the tradition of Paul Tillich. . . . Wariboko invites the reader to join a critical dialogue about ethical methodology that is grounded in pluralism, Pentecostal modes of being, and experience of life and spirituality as play. This book comes at a time when there is a real hunger for critical dialogue with Pentecostal scholars. Anyone interested in ethics and the ecclesial community should read it."
Wolfgang Vondey
-- Regent University School of Divinity
"Tightly written, carefully argued, and faithful to the playful character of the Pentecostal spirit. A relentless pursuit of what constitutes the general principle of existence, this book takes the reader far beyond the Pentecostal movement to questions about human nature, community, transformation, and flourishing."
"Nimi Wariboko brings his formal training in both Christian theology and economics to bear on the intersections among political philosophy, social ethics, and theological ethics, all in Pentecostal perspective. The book is a rare combination of careful attention to each of these areas, a truly interdisciplinary endeavor that bears much fruit. It is also a positive testament to Pentecostals' increasing engagement with theological method and philosophical discourse. . . . It should be studied (not simply read!) by anyone interested in ethical methodology or the latest forays in Pentecostal theology."
Theology Today
"A fascinating thought-experiment. On several occasions, this reader was delighted to see moments of originality and creativity that make one ponder anew basic methodological considerations."
Religious Studies Review
"This book deserves to be widely read, and it demonstrates the ways in which Pentecostalism might contribute to broader theological and cultural issues."