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The Witness of Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch
PAPERBACK; Published: 6/11/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6717-9
158 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9

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In this volume several theologians from different Christian traditions examine how Bartholomew I as Ecumenical Patriarch has influenced the contemporary European scene, the various dialogues between Orthodox churches and Reformed and Roman Catholic churches, the ongoing work of the World Council of Churches, and the modern ecumenical movement.

These essays, largely from non-Orthodox authors, paint a portrait of the Ecumenical Patriarch that has been often overlooked in Western circles — as a deeply Orthodox leader who wishes to relate Orthodoxy to the modern world and to have it make its contribution to the unity of Christians.

Anna Marie Aagaard
Peter C. Bouteneff
Günther Gassmann
Dale T. Irvin
Ronald G. Roberson, CSP
William G. Rusch
Joseph D. Small
Mary Tanner

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Rowan Williams
— University of Cambridge
"A fitting tribute to one of the most independent and creative church leaders in our age, who has done so much to renew our vision of the human calling in the context of the material creation."
J. Robert Wright
— General Theological Seminary
"This volume of essays from different perspectives across the ecclesiastical spectrum admirably captures the remarkable significance and accomplishments, as well as the breadth, wisdom, and even spirituality of the present Ecumenical Patriarch. The vision and profundity of thought depicted in these seven chapters offer a model for leaders of other churches that is sorely needed in many quarters today."
John A. Radano
— Seton Hall University
"This book provides fascinating insights into the mind and priorities of this Ecumenical Patriarch, one of the leading churchmen of our times. . . . A pleasure to read."
Cistercian Studies Quarterly
"A fascinating celebration of Bartholomew's many gifts, interests, and achievements. . . . It is not only ecumenically interested readers who will profit from this collection, however. It is a treat for all concerned with Christian presence and witness in contemporary society. And the stance toward the world on Bartholomew's part is much like that of Francis-not one of suspicion or fear but of openness and love."
Parish Liturgy
"I commend this book to you. It is a diversified and competent introduction to Patriarch Bartholomew's word and work. He is truly a gift to the whole church."
Catholic Books Review
"An important reminder that the `us' versus `them' mindset is unproductive and, in some cases, outdated."
Theological Book Review
"These essays, largely from non-Orthodox authors, paint a portrait of the Ecumenical Patriarch that has