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Cultivating Sent Communities
Missional Spiritual Formation
POD; Published: 3/15/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6727-8
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217 Pages
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Series: Missional Church Series (MCS)

How can pastors help to create missional faith communities that are willing to participate in God's healing of the world? Cultivating Sent Communities reimagines spiritual formation through the lens of mission, covering such topics as the role of Scripture, congregational discernment, and short-term missions and drawing on case studies from diverse contexts including Ethiopia, England, Leipzig, and San Francisco. Full of rich practical, theological, and sociological insights into forming missional churches, this fourth volume in the Missional Church Series calls readers to deepen the core practices that have defined Christians for centuries -- and to reclaim them within the context of cultural adaptation and innovation.

Dinku Bato
Nancy S. Going
Scott J. Hagley
David C. Hahn
Allen Hilton
Dirk G. Lange
Richard R. Osmer
Christian Scharen
Dwight J. Zscheile.
Darrell L. Guder
-- Princeton Theological Seminary
"This collection of first-rate essays greatly enriches the ever-expanding and diversifying discussion of missional theology. With their distinctive perspectives, the contributors offer much-needed guidance on the theologically informed practice of missional spirituality. Only when a congregation's spiritual practices are focused on missional faithfulness can it be equipped for its calling to be Christ's witness in our postmodern world. This book is a major resource for developing that focus."
Eddie Gibbs
-- Fuller Theological Seminary
"The bias in most of the recent literature on the missional church has been theologically grounded activism. This volume provides a welcome counterbalance, emphasizing the spiritual formation of persons and congregations. Its great strengths come from the theological richness of the Lutheran tradition, the wide-ranging examples and insights of the nine contributors, and the integration of spirituality with mission in a wide variety of contexts."
Evangelical Missions Quarterly
"A good piece of academic research and writing."