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Reading the New Testament for the First Time
Ronald J. Allen
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POD; Published: 7/9/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6735-3
Price: $ 23.50
216 Pages
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The purpose of this book is to introduce the New Testament to those who have never read it. Ronald Allen offers a truly elementary guide to the New Testament's world, its story, and its message. Reading the New Testament for the First Time walks readers through the New Testament, covering key topics like these:
  • how to find one's way around the New Testament
  • how and when the New Testament was written
  • important characters like Jesus, Paul, and the twelve disciples
  • big ideas found in the New Testament such as love, righteousness, and the realm of God
  • how to apply the New Testament to our lives today
  • and much more!
Phyllis Tickle
-- founding editor of Religion Department of Publishers Weekly
"It is a rare book that delivers more than its title promises. This one does -- and then some! Ronald Allen has produced the cleanest, clearest, humblest, most non-doctrinaire, accessible, and absorbing general work on reading the New Testament that I have ever seen. It should be required reading for all of us.
John S. McClure
-- Vanderbilt Divinity School
"At last! A first-rate Bible scholar has put together a book that makes the New Testament accessible. Reading the New Testament for the First Time grows out of Allen's years of teaching experience. He covers every question that is likely to arise when a 'first-timer' wants to read the New Testament. Like a good and trusted friend, he walks the novice down a spiraling staircase into the wonders of this ancient and strange book, pointing out the most provocative, profound, and inspirational aspects of the New Testament. Strongly recommended."
Matthew L. Skinner
-- Luther Seminary
"Clear, engaging, and genuinely helpful! This is the first book I would recommend to anyone who wants a basic and informed guide into the rich but sometimes confusing terrain of the New Testament."
M. Eugene Boring
-- Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University
"Here is a book that respects both Bible and reader, providing basic information for both the serious reader and the merely curious without talking down to them. A good first step into deeper Bible study."
"Allen's concise introduction is a good resource for all people interested in learning more about the history, content, meaning, and use of the New Testament. . . . An excellent resource."
Presbyterian Outlook
"An ambitious and useful book. It provides context and method for first-time readers of the New Testament, so that they can develop the confidence to be more systematic and efficacious in their reading, and solidify a developing faith. . . . This is what every first-time reader needs."
Catholic Library World
"In this unique work, Ronald Allen writes about the New Testament for those who may have never experienced its message before. What is surprising is the value this work has for those who know something about the New Testament, but are not as familiar with the background, history and ways of understanding these works. . . . A good study for anyone just beginning to read the Bible and attempting to understand its message."
Congregational Libraries Today
"Readers will appreciate Allen's conversational tone, scope of knowledge, and openness. While he intends his book for first-time readers of the New Testament, its cultural history, chronological presentation, maps, tables, charts, and significant points highlighted in boxes make it a recommended resource for any student of scripture. It is particularly recommended for pastors, teachers, and church libraries."
The Bible Today
"A wonderfully practical book."