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Preaching Christ from Daniel
Foundations for Expository Sermons
Sidney Greidanus
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POD; Published: 12/19/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6787-2
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456 Pages
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In Preaching Christ from Daniel Sidney Greidanus shows preachers and teachers how to prepare expository messages from the six narratives and four visions in the book of Daniel. Using the most up-to- date biblical scholarship, Greidanus addresses foundational issues such as the date of composition, the author(s) and original audience of the book, its overall message and goal, and various ways of preaching Christ from Daniel. Throughout his book Greidanus puts front and center God's sovereignty, providence, and coming kingdom.
Each chapter contains building blocks for constructing expository sermons and lessons, including useful information on
  • the context, themes, and goals of each literary unit
  • links between Daniel and the New Testament
  • how to formulate the sermon theme and goal
  • contemporary application
  • and much more!

Read a blog post by Sidney Greidanus about the book on EerdWord and watch an interview with him below:
Tremper Longman III
— Westmont College
"Preaching from the Old Testament is crucial for the church but often neglected. After all, it is difficult to know how the Old Testament relates to the gospel of Christ, which is the heart of the Christian faith. Many pastors struggle with the Old Testament, and seminaries often do an inadequate job preparing their students in this area. For those who need help, Sidney Greidanus is an excellent teacher as he exposits the book of Daniel and carefully guides us to proper preaching of its important message, showing us how it leads us to Jesus Christ."
Dennis E. Johnson
— Westminster Seminary California
"In Preaching Christ from Daniel Greidanus pays careful attention to the purpose and message of Daniel for its original audience, Judah's exiles in Babylon, assuring them that their God is still sovereign and faithful. Then he lifts our sights to the broader horizon of the completed Scriptures, tracing trajectories that lead to Jesus Christ, the glorified Son of Man, and through him into the lives of God's exiles on earth in the twenty-first century. Exegetically responsible and pastorally sensitive, this book offers insightful guidance on both the theoretical issues and the practical challenges of preaching Christ from Daniel."
Ray Ortlund
— Immanuel Church, Nashville
"Pastors today are rediscovering how to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ from the entire Bible, cover to cover. One of the foremost scholars leading us in this exciting adventure is Sidney Greidanus. . . . Thanks to his Preaching Christ from Daniel, we pastors are better equipped to preach our triumphant Christ to suffering and persecuted people."
"Excellent for preachers because Greidanus deals with background, setting, literary flow, theological issues and a variety of ways each text points to Christ. . . . A must-have when preaching through Daniel."
Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society
"An excellent commentary. . . . A model preacher's commentary, one that is exegetically rich, hermeneutically informed, and theologically sensitive. I recommend it to all who would preach Daniel. It is the best commentary of its kind."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"Greidanus has provided sober, biblical-theologically rich wisdom on preaching Christ from one of the Old Testament's more homiletically troubling texts. . . . A thorough introduction to the book of Daniel and a tremendous resource for pastors, local churches, and students."
Trinity Journal
"Preaching Christ from Daniel is an excellent commentary in its own right, explaining the book of Daniel pericope by pericope, drawing attention to its literary features and theology, and exploring the place of the book in God's redemptive program in Christ. But it also provides a model for how to study a book, move from text to sermon, and translate the message of the book into our own context. Pastors and seminary students interested in Daniel will find it of immense value, but so will readers who want to learn how to do exegesis. . . . A terrific guide to navigating the book of Daniel and proclaiming its powerful and relevant message in our own time."