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Is Scripture Still Holy?
Coming of Age with the New Testament
A. E. Harvey
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POD; Published: 11/9/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6808-4
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159 Pages
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In this volume A. E. Harvey asks, Is the notion of "Holy Scripture" still credible? In particular, in the light of modern critical study and postmodern literary theory, does the New Testament still qualify as a "holy" book?

Arguing that the New Testament must continually subject its credentials to examination for historical reliability, internal consistency, and general plausibility, Harvey tests the Bible's historical credibility and plausibility in seven concise chapters. In dialogue with historical criticism, he compares the New Testament to other ancient documents, examines its presentation of Jesus, and considers the New Testament's validity as a moral guide in the twenty-first century.

Harvey's careful examination leads him to conclude that a good case can still be made for the New Testament's authority and "holiness," subject to continual reassessment in the light of further advances in understanding and criticism.
Review of Biblical Literature
"Intelligent and insightful. . . . This book should be mandatory reading for those in the academy teaching hermeneutics and for the educated pastor who preaches each week."
Robert Morgan
— Linacre College, Oxford
"This is a brilliant book. Anthony Harvey shows how thinking historically has changed our perceptions of scriptural authority, and he draws on his immense learning, lightly worn, to suggest how the Bible can inform and inspire Christians today. . . . His sane, sober, and lucid grappling with contemporary problems leaves readers free to make up their own minds, armed with fresh considerations. It cannot be too strongly recommended."
John Barton
— Oriel College, Oxford
"Can we embrace a modern critical approach to the New Testament and yet still regard it as 'Holy Scripture'? Anthony Harvey shows that the New Testament, when interrogated critically, is much more reliable and inspiring than many scholars think."
David J. Goldberg
— The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, London
"A timely and important book. With the grace, elegance, and profound but lightly worn scholarship that illuminate all of his writings, Harvey tackles head-on a subject of increasing centrality to theologians and New Testament scholars: how historical — and therefore authoritatively 'holy' — are the narratives and teachings about Jesus' ministry as recorded in the Gospels and by Paul? . . . Jews and Christians, believers and skeptics alike, will find these essays enlightening and of enormous value."
Theological Book Review
"Harvey mines his preaching history for material in order to help us review the origins and history of scripture and also explain how it can still have continuing authority. Using the latest thinking and scholarship he also challenges us to consider how we can help keep scripture alive on our own spiritual journeys."
Review of Biblical Literature
"This short, readable book aims to provide a theology of the New Testament that is fully conversant with several challenges to its claim to holiness raised since the Enlightenment. . . . An engaging discussion of many significant problems critical New Testament scholarship poses to people of faith."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"The book is elegantly written in a prose that is engaging and lively, occasionally personal and affecting. Harvey's argument is that the Bible's holiness, and this its authority, needs to be reevaluated if it is to be maintained by modern readers."
Methodist Recorder (UK)
"This is a book which can help the whole Church to move towards a more honest, workable and transformative relationship with the Bible."