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Creation and Humanity

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POD; Published: 3/26/2015
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6855-8
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574 Pages
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The third installment in a wide and deep constructive theology for our time

This third volume of Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen's ambitious five volume theology project develops a Christian theology of creation and humanity (theological anthropology) in dialogue with the Christian tradition, with contemporary theology in all its global and contextual diversity, and with other major living faiths — Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

In constructing his theology of creation and humanity, Kärkkäinen uniquely engages the natural sciences, including physical, cosmological, and neuroscientific theories. He devotes particular attention to the topics of divine action in a world subjected to scientific study, environmental pollution, human flourishing, and the theological implications of evolutionary theory — with regard to both cosmos and humanity.

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Pacific Coast Theological Society 2016 Codron Award
Mission Today
"An exceptionally helpful book on creation and humanity."
Reviews in Religion & Theology
"An excellent and charitable guide. . . . K�rkk�inen's awareness and openness to the current intellectual climate, but faithfulness to his own commitments, has generated a balanced and timely contribution to systematic theology in a new global academic context."
“The posture of Kärkkäinen’s theology exhibits a remarkable beauty, skill and breadth.”
Philip Clayton
— Claremont School of Theology
"K�rkk�inen has done it again! With his five-volume theology now more than half complete, Veli-Matti has established himself as one of the leading evangelical theologians for the pluralistic world. With staggering breadth and depth, he engages cutting-edge science, philosophy, and the world's religions, yet never at the cost of obscuring his Christian theological vision. This particular volume is an unrivaled guide to and through the knottiest issues facing theological anthropology and the doctrine of creation today."
"This third volume (of a projected five) in K�rkk�inen's 'Constructive Christian Theology for the Pluralist World' series is as superbly thoughtful and articulate as the previous two volumes. . . . Writing from a solid evangelical base, the author insists theology must engage in dialogue with the natural sciences. . . . As he did in the previous volumes, the author draws on an impressive range of scholars—scientists and theologians—to weave a lucid treatment of his subject. . . . This volume will help readers understand themselves and the world from a fresh perspective. Highly recommended."