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Talking with Mormons
An Invitation to Evangelicals
POD; Published: 4/30/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6858-9
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109 Pages
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For over a decade Fuller Seminary president Richard Mouw has participated in Mormon-evangelical dialogue with a view to developing a better understanding between the two groups. His participation in these discussions has drawn severe criticism and even anger from people who believe such talks are pointless or even dangerous.

This brief, highly accessible book is his answer. Advocating humility, patience, and a willingness to admit our own shortcomings, Mouw shows why it is necessary to move beyond stark denunciation to a dialogue that allows both parties to express differences and explore common ground. Without papering over significantly divergent perspectives on important issues like the role of prophecy, the nature of God, and the creeds, Mouw points to areas in which Mormon-evangelical dialogue evidences hope for the future. In so doing, he not only informs readers but also models respectful evangelical debate.

Read an excerpt on the Eerdmans blog, EerdWord.
Richard N. Ostling
— Coauthor of Mormon America, former religion writer with Time magazine and the Associated Press
"In this book the esteemed president of Fuller Seminary appeals to fellow evangelicals to observe civility and fairness in dialogue with Latter-day Saints. Given that the Mormon church has had relatively little formal contact with traditional Christianity for a century and a half, this is an important statement — and one that doubtless will provoke controversy."
Robert L. Millet
— Brigham Young University
"Richard Mouw's persistence in conducting an interfaith dialogue with Mormons — in the face of bitter criticism from those of his own tradition — speaks volumes about his character and integrity. . . . While as a Latter-day Saint I obviously disagree with some of Mouw's conclusions, I am moved to the core by his generosity of soul and his eagerness not only to engage theological differences but also to celebrate points on which there is welcome agreement."
David Neff
— Editor in chief, Christianity Today
"Mouw represents a rare blend of doctrinal certainty and generosity of spirit. In this book &mdash and over many years of dialogue with leading Mormons — he has put this winning combination into practice."
Richard Bushman
— Columbia University
"Can Mormons and Calvinist evangelicals talk to each other without compromising their beliefs or minimizing their differences? Richard Mouw knows the pitfalls but shows it can be done. The engaging story of his decade-long conversation with Mormons is a model for interfaith dialogue in the twenty-first century and an exemplification of Christian love, intelligence, and good humor."
Craig L. Blomberg
— Denver Seminary
"I have had the privilege of partnering with Rich Mouw in the Evangelical-Mormon dialogues he describes in this little book. It always amazes me how some who have not been a part of these conversations can confidently pronounce on what really happened at them and even on the motives of the participants. Rich sets the story straight here. . . . A must-read for anyone interested in Latter-day Saints!"
BYU Studies Quarterly
"Mouw does a great job providing a workable structure for Mormons and Evangelicals to begin speaking to each other."
Calvin Spark
"Advocating humility, patience and a willingness to admit our own shortcomings, Richard Mouw shows why it is necessary to engage in dialogue that allows both parties to express differences and explore common ground."
Religious Studies Review
"Accessible. . . . Evangelicals seeking a trustworthy, academic voice to help make sense of Mormonism will find this a helpful primer."