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POD; Published: 7/17/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6870-1
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248 Pages
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The book of Habakkuk has much to teach us about suffering and complaint, faith and fear, and the fidelity of God in times of trouble; it generates reflection on prayer, peace, violence, and faithfulness. In this volume—one of the few commentaries examining Habakkuk by itself—Heath Thomas explores this overlooked Old Testament prophet in order to hear God’s word for us today.
Daniel Block
— Wheaton College
“Heath Thomas’s volume on the small prophetic tractate of Habakkuk represents theological interpretation at its best. He offers a fair and balanced reading throughout, judiciously weighing the options available and arriving at sound conclusions. But the feature that commends this work above most is its theological gravitas. It assumes that the goal of exegesis is theological conviction that translates into life.”
Paul R. Raabe
— Concordia Seminary
“A thoroughly researched commentary on the prophet Habakkuk. In addition to paying careful attention to the book’s Hebrew and poetry within its historical context, Thomas considers Habakkuk’s theology in conversation with biblical theology, systematic theology, and church history. This volume promises to be of great benefit to all readers.”
J. Andrew Dearman
— Fuller Theological Seminary
“Including wonderful, short treatises on various theological subjects, Thomas’s commentary shows that Habakkuk inhabited the depths of lament and the high places of spiritual communion. Thomas also shows why that spiritual profile matters, then and now. This engaging treatment of Habakkuk is exemplary biblical theology at work.”
Religious Studies Review
“Will serve students and scholars interested in prophetic study in general and newer theological interpretation in particular.”
“Christian ministers and laypersons, especially those with theological sensibilities akin to Thomas’s, are likely to appreciate the volume as an edifying treatment of the book of Habakkuk, and probably a more practically useful and accessible one than traditional academic commentaries.”