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The Holy Spirit -- In Biblical Teaching, through the Centuries, and Today
POD; Published: 6/1/2013
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6875-6
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579 Pages
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This learned book by eminent scholar Anthony Thiselton is a detailed biblical, historical, and contemporary study of the Holy Spirit. Thiselton presents an up-to-date account of biblical teaching on the topic, including exposition of passages and hermeneutics; offers a comprehensive historical survey from the Apostolic Fathers to Jonathan Edwards; and engages a host of modern theologians.

In the last part of his book Thiselton discusses a remarkably wide range of writings on the Holy Spirit from the nineteenth century to the present day. He interacts explicitly with Pentecostals and the Renewal Movement in a sympathetic, positive, yet critical manner. The book as a whole is at once scholarly and readable, comprehensive and practical.

The Holy Spirit — in Biblical Teaching, through the Centuries, and Today offers scholarly work on specific themes such as prophecy, tongues, the miraculous, the range and nature of the Spirit's gifts, and the Holy Spirit in relation to the Trinity, along with practical consequences for worship and life.

Read a blog post by Thiselton about the book on EerdWord.
2014 Christianity Today Book Award of Merit Winner
Review & Expositor
"The most extensive overall scholarly treatment of the Holy Spirit to date. . . . Professors, students, and motivated lay persons seeking to know the story of the Holy Spirit in the teaching and theology of the church can look no better place than Thiselton's volume for the most comprehensive treatment available."
Amos Yong
— Regent University
"Magisterial! Brilliant! Erudite! Anthony Thiselton offers a sure-handed overview of the biblical teachings on the Spirit, maps the major historical streams of pneumatological reflection, and charts the important trajectories going forward. . . . This book bridges heretofore divergent polemics and opens up new dialogical horizons and possibilities for the contemporary theological task."
Klyne Snodgrass
— North Park Theological Seminary
"In this crucial and practical work Thiselton provides expert guidance through the variety of topics pertinent to a theology of the Holy Spirit. . . . I know of nothing comparable. This volume is something every pastor and student should have in his or her library."
Craig Keener
— Asbury Theological Seminary
"Respectfully engages a wide range of literature. Even cessationists and classical Pentecostals, who will argue with various elements, will find numerous points valuable for reflection and exegesis. All will appreciate and profit from the helpful engagement with secondary literature and survey of historical perspectives."
James Dunn
— University of Durham
"I have often thought that I would like to round off my writing career with a fuller or more complete study of the Holy Spirit. Rather to my relief I need no longer champ at that bit. Tony Thiselton has already done it and left me nothing to do. Thank you, Tony."
Religious Studies Review
"This hefty study by a master theologian is the most comprehensive treatment of the Holy Spirit available. . . . Perhaps the size and range of this splendid volume is a fitting symbol of the marvelous diversities of the Spirit."
Review of Biblical Literature
"When it comes to academic fervor and utility, Thiselton's Holy Spirit does not lack any spirit and is recommended not only for those interested in the historical development of the study of pneumatology but also for those who wish to evaluate critical hermeneutical stances toward pneumatology. . . . The book will prove useful whether one is a scholar of biblical studies or historical and systematic theology or simply a minister or student wanting a thorough overview of how people understood and understand the teaching of the Holy Spirit."
Mission Today
"A balanced and comprehensive work from a first-rate scholar and a careful synthesis! . . . This is an exceedingly informative book that will lead to much critical reflection. Thiselton has indeed rendered yeoman service to scholars and students alike."
Anglican Theological Review
"This book contributes to contemporary pneumatology through its summaries of pneumatologies from different historical eras and its dialog with Pentecostals and the renewal movement. It will be useful for seminary courses on the Holy Spirit, and for those engaged in this dialogue."
Bulletin for Biblical Research
"This admirable undertaking is a dexterous combination of exegesis, biblical theology, historical theology, and an analysis of contemporary `Holy Spirit' populist thought. . . . For numerous readers, there is no need to look beyond this volume."
"A valuable resource that will be referenced again and again."
Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary
"This careful, extended treatment of the Holy Spirit will become the key source on this topic for most Christians. . . . A valuable, long lasting contribution to scholarship on the Holy Spirit. Serious students of the Holy Spirit will want to be familiar with and study this volume."