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At the Limits of the Secular
Reflections on Faith and Public Life
POD; Published: 7/12/2014
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6877-0
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386 Pages
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Thought-provoking essays by Roman Catholic scholars concerned about the impact of secularity on the future of the Church

This volume presents an integrated collection of constructive essays by eminent Catholic scholars addressing the new challenges and opportunities facing religious believers under shifting conditions of secularity and "post- secularity."

Using an innovative "keywords" approach, At the Limits of the Secular is an interdisciplinary effort to think through the implications of secular consciousness for the role of religion in public affairs. The book responds in some ways to Charles Taylor's magnum opus, A Secular Age, although it also stands on its own. It features an original essay by David Tracy — the most prominent American Catholic theologian writing today — and groundbreaking contributions by influential younger theologians such as Peter Casarella, William Cavanaugh, and Vincent Miller.

William A. Barbieri Jr.
Peter Casarella
William T. Cavanaugh
Michele Dillon
Mary Doak
Anthony J. Godzieba
Slavica Jakelic
J. Paul Martin
Vincent J. Miller
Philip J. Rossi
Robert J. Schreiter
David Tracy
Cathleen Kaveny
— author of Law's Virtues: Fostering Autonomy and Solidarity in American Society
"Should the Catholic Church advocate a spirit of openness to the modern world, or should it focus upon preserving and passing on its own rich heritage? This volume suggests it might just be possible to do both -- and thereby move beyond an impasse that has paralyzed the Church since the Second Vatican Council."
Lisa Sowle Cahill
— author of Global Justice, Christology, and Christian Ethics
"William Barbieri here convenes notables in philosophy, theology, and the social sciences to address a quandary on the minds of many in modern Western societies: What does religion have to do with 'secular' public and political life? Together these authors show that religion is alive and well, and is already contributing productively to the renewal of civil society and of political participation in a renegotiated and newly hospitable 'secular' sphere. Readers will learn immensely and gain widened vision from the timely content and superb intellectual quality of this effort."
Charles Taylor
— from foreword
"This is a marvelously rich and suggestive book, which has helped to jar me out of the ruts I had fallen into. I am sure it will do the same for many others."
"This dense, thorough volume will be a primer for serious students of political science and religion. . . . Recommended."
Catholic Books Review
"A very valuable and stimulating project. . . . Almost uniformly, the essays draw nuanced conclusions, which cannot be classified along the tired liberal-conservative, or open-closed polarities. This is clearly a `both/and' collection."
"The fruit of a carefully conceived and structured process, the `Secularity Project', which responded to Charles Taylor's seminal work A Secular Age through a series of seminars in which North American Catholic scholars reflected on faith and public life in the context of contemporary secularity. Taking Taylor's massive work as its point of departure, At the Limits of the Secular has a well-focused content lent by the seminars and the work of its editor."